Monday, February 22, 2016

Dinner with A&A-January

 So before we have dinner again this week I figured I should probably blog about the last dinner we had! This time it was my turn to host and I made some AMAZING, if i do say so myself, crockpot chicken fajitas. I am hungry just remembering them!! Addie is super mobile and had fun exploring Miss Charity's house!
 Look at that pretty girl!
 Addie likes cabinets. Luckily for me, she apparently only really likes opening and closing them. Didn't care to take anything out. Just wanted to stand and open and close and open and close. Works for me!
 Open, Close and repeat!
 We attempted to cuddle and take selfies. Since you're only seeing her in this picture that explains how well our selfie session went!
 Catching up on the latest news via People and Us Weekly. The hilarious thing is that at this time, her Momma was reading a People article on Fuller House! Like Mother like Daughter :)
 This kid is STRONG!!! She found my weights and was workin on her fitness. She actually managed to pick one of them up! Granted it didn't make it far but I was impressed!!!
 Ignore her drunk face and look instead at her hand grasping the weight!

 After almost a year of doing selfie's with the three of us, you'd think we would remember to take one before it was time to leave! Addie was in her carseat and turning into Cinderella so we finally gave up and just took a picture of the two of us :) the Original Crew!
 Cinderalla, ready to go home and sleep.
 Also known as the stinker that smiled for the camera AFTER I took the picture. 
 She thinks she's pretty funny.
 All ready to go! Notice the hand going up...

Addie Jane strongly dislikes anything on her head or her feet. Which is unfortunate for her since she lives in Indiana.

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