Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites-Birthday Week Edition!

Look at me blogging several times in one week AND joining link ups! What is this craziness?!

Here are some Favorites of the past week and a little week wrap up if you will!

Last Friday it was super warm outside and just gorgeous! I had to teach so I couldn't be outside but the next best thing is teaching with the window open right next to me!
It was so nice to have some fresh air!

Sporting my favorite fake converse shoes and my skinny jeans that are about faded to death!

I started the Birthday countdown on my chalk board! Some of my students made fun of me for this, I did not care! I love my birthday and that is that!

Oh and then Saturday hit. Oh Saturday, you were just the best day EVER. It was a record high of 68 degrees!! IN INDIANA!! IN FEBRUARY!!! GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!! I spent the entire afternoon outside, and ended up with some tan lines to show!
Sun! OH how I have missed you sun!!!

I love the sun but i don't play around when it comes to my face. Cherrybear doesn't need anymore sun damage on her face! A hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen is a must!!

The glare from my pasty white Casper legs is real. But man did wearing flip flops feel fabulous!!!
I also did some work outside, I finally got a second chair painted for my Kitchen. Two down, two to go!! I need more paint though before the other ones can get painted. 
I discovered I like painting flat and straight things. Those spindles on the back of the chair, NOT.SO.MUCH.
I got the CUTEST birthday surprise in the mail from my Apes.  A super sweet card...
That had a necklace attached to it! How cool is that?! I had never heard of such a thing but I thought it was awesome!
 Saturday Sunny and 68. Wednesday, a Blizzard and 7 inches of snow. Welcome to Indiana.
 I will say it did look pretty as it was falling from the sky.
 And the fact that I didn't have to go anywhere was nice!

 I actually ended up having a snow day off from teaching, which I used to be productive and clean. You know you're an adult when your unexpected free day finds you cleaning and working on projects. I scrubbed my entire Fridge. Not sure how the inside gets so dirty, but it is sparkling clean now!!
 That's right,  I also bought myself balloons. 
 Thankfully the snow started melting the next day, so I had less to clean off. It was a wet, thick and heavy snow. I got my big ol broom out and went to town!
 Needless to say my lower back is NOT happy today, but that's ok. I have a Chiropractic apt next week :)
 I did half of the driveway on the way down to the sidewalk and the sidewalk was basically a river of water disguised with a think layer of snow on top. By the time i finished cleaning it off my feet were wet and I was done. 
Besides, It's going to be in the 50's Saturday and Sunday so the snow will be gone soon. Again, Welcome to Indiana. Where you can have all 4 seasons in the span of just a few days.

That's it for my Friday Favorites!

Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY! YAY!! Can't wait for the festivities to come!!

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