Thursday, March 10, 2016

5 Things for Thursday

I saw this on someone's blog and thought it looked fun! So I tweaked it a little bit, and added some of my own! Here are Five things for your Thursday! 

Five foods I eat every day

1. Ice Water. LOTS. Of. Ice.Water.
2. Coke or Dr Pepper (usually)
3. A Sandwich. I love Sandwiches!
4. Something Sweet.
5. Veggies. Lately I've been trying hard to eat more of them!

Five places I'm dying to visit

1. Hawaii.
2. Europe
3.Every State in the Union.
4. Texas. Thanks to Chip and Jojo for making it look fabulous!
5. Iowa. Because two pieces of my heart are there.

Five celebrities I want to be friends with

1. Tim Tebow.  *wink*
2. Chip and Joanna Gaines.
3. The Mix and Match Mama and all of her friends!
4. Whoever owns Barnes and Noble so they will give me free books! HA!

Five songs I could listen to on repeat

1. Anything by NSYNC. Ok Mostly anything.
2. I'll be, by Edwin Mccain.
3. Joy to the World by Avalon.
4. Lord I need you, by Matt Maher.
5. Flawless, Mercy Me.

Five beauty products I use everyday (that I'll be seeing people, Saturdays I look like I'm homeless)

1. Moisturizer.
2. Mascara.
3. Eyebrow pencil
4. Powder
5. Lip gloss

Five TV shows I'm emotionally invested in

1. Elementary
2. Hawaii 5-0
3. Madame Secretary
4. 11.22.63
5. The Mindy Project

Honorable Mentions go to Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Teen Mom, Quantico, How to get away with Murder, The Good Wife, The Family, and Catfish.

Yes, I like tv.

Five Things I do every day (or almost every day)

1. Shower.
2. Teach Piano.
3. Blowdry my hair.
4. Crowdtap.
5. Email my Mom

Five things I say often

1. Alright, Let's Play "insert name of song". (This is said several times when a student is telling me every single thing that happened to them that day, or in their past years of life. :) )
2. You may pick out ONE sticker.
3. I'm so tired. #oldladystatus
4. Hello, Hello! (When greeting someone)
5. Oh bother. (When i'm annoyed)

Honorable mention goes to Good Grief! and Yay!

Five Recipes I Make Often

1. Sandwiches. HA! But Seriously, I love them! Especially if I have Jimmy Johns bread! YUM!
2. Ham and Veggie Wraps.
3. Tuna Veggie Pie
4. Chicken Mushroom Ranch in the crock pot.
5. Sloppy Joes/Hamburgers.

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