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Day in the Life: April 6, 2016

Edited: Whoops! Forgot to add the text the first time! Blog is now finished with words :)

Whoo hooo! It's time for one of my FAVORITE link ups, the Day in the Life!! I am nosy so I love reading what other people's days are like. I was so excited about this that I actually did it two weeks in advance! What?!! Craziness! (Edited to add, I took the pictures two weeks in advance and then forgot to finish the post until the next week. Here's hoping I remember my day!!) I tried to pick a really busy day for me, and think I succeeded. Some parts (and pictures) aren't that exciting, but I tried to take pictures of as much of my day as I could remember! 


Brace yourself for a Picture overload! 

 I woke up to my alarm going off. I was having the craziest dream about a team of assassins, trying to kill me and my team. We defeated them, and I was begging, Hector, the leadee of the bad guys to give me some extra time before he told the person who had hired him that I was still alive. Alas we will never know what happened since my stupid alarm went off!! This was my view looking at one side of my room while
This is my view when I roll over.
I get out of bed and take my medicine and find my glasses and make my way to the kitchen. I am in desperate need of caffeine today, it's going to be a long day and I need all the help i can get! While my water is heating up in the microwave I look out the back door and see this cat just chillin on my patio. Spoiler alert, I don't have cats! In fact, I hate cats and I'm allergic to them. but I seem to now have three cats that hang out intermittently in my backyard. As long as they leave me alone I am ok with them because Cats eat Mice!!
I like some coffee with my cream :) As well as some hot chocolate mix. Basically I just want the caffeine and it NOT to taste like coffee!! I mix it all up..
And then pop in in the freezer for awhile to cool down. I also prefer iced coffee. While it's cooling I check my email and read blogs.
After I'm done online I get a slice of the Apple Cinnamon bread (Mix and Match Mama's recipe) for breakfast.
My Coffee has cooled down some so I get it out of the freezer and add some ice cubes to get the full iced coffee effect. I eat breakfast while watching something on hulu.

After breakfast I hop in the shower, and then get dressed and bring my makeup out to the couch. I have gotten into sitting on the couch doing my makeup lately. I have a super fancy box to bring with me, You'll be happy to know since this picture I have put my makeup in a bag  to take between my bedroom and my living room.
While my flat iron is heating up to straighten my hair, I take a picture of my new favorite moisturizer. I had been wanting to try the Simple brand since it is supposed to be great for Sensitive skin and allergy prone skin, which I suffer from. I got some around my birthday and really like it! And no allergic reactions to it, which makes me a FAN!!
The underside of my hair was straight and the top half was not. I found it amusing :) I took a shower late last night and washed my hair and put it up in a bun, to half straighten it. So I could skip washing my hair today and just flat iron it. I NEVER wash and then dry and straighten my hair on the same day. takes WAY too long. If I want it straight I have always washed it the night before and done my dry in a bun trick. Saves me time in the morning so I don't have to air dry my curls and then blow dry them.
I got this perfume for Easter and I really like it! Avon makes great perfumes!
I attempt to take a picture of my straight hair in the mirror but my flash is on. I am distracted by how dirty my mirror is. Must clean!!
Since I'm all ready for the day now I head back out to the living room. I have some odds and ends to do before I teach. I printed out assignment sheets with each student's name on them, and the year and need to cut all of them, and then place in order of who comes first each day. I have the cutting skills of a preschooler.
Finally! Cut and in order. I have about 3 weeks of assignment sheets done. I am feeling pretty impressed with myself right now!
 After that it's time to head to my desk (aka kitchen table) and get some computer work done. It's cold and rainy, so I decide to light a candle. I work on the computer for awhile and then realize I need to eat something. I'm not really hungry at this point, but I know if I don't eat now I won't have the chance for several hours. I'm hypoglycemic and have had a few issues the past few weeks of forgetting to eat and then getting dizzy and shaky so I force myself to have something.

Pancakes it is! I love my Mom's recipe and am thankful I made a batch the day before. And yes, I know they are weird shapes.

I eat my pancakes while continuing the show on hulu, Desperate Housewives! I am watching my way through the series again.

 Time to get ready for the first batch of students! I slap on some lipstick and do the normal grab my water, turn on lights, ect. I light a candle and my lantern in the piano studio. The  lantern has a funky smell and smells thru my lessons. Hours later I blow it out because it gave me a headache!
As I'm getting things ready I remember I had some arrangements of a few songs a student wanted, but I hadn't played them yet, so I run through them quickly to make sure that I like them as much as he does.

And what's a post without some selfies! I take one sitting at the piano.. with my teaching chair behind me (so comfy!)
And then another one with the piano and stack of music behind me. When I was looking at this pictures later it drove me nuts how messy it was so I went and cleaned it :)
I finish my pre lesson prep, and put out one of the baby gates. Some students have boundary issues so I have to "help" them remember.
I have an exercise bike in my kitchen that I prefer my students NOT get on, so I hide it over by the fridge where they can't see.
Water bottle is filled and ready!
I have a little bit of time to kill while waiting on my students to arrive, so I work on some Crowdtap hits.

 Like I said, it's cold, rainy and gross, so I was all about comfort. I realized how classy I looked in my socks and my slippers, so i snapped a picture to send to Auds.
 I unlock and open the door for my students a few minutes before their lesson time.

 I sit back down at my desk while I'm waiting and realize I hadn't finished editing the recording that one of my students did, so I finish it and then email it to his Mom.
Students arrive and I remember to take a picture about 5 mins before the second lesson was done. Whoops!
 I teach three lessons in a row and then I can FINALLY fix my contact that got blurry during the first lesson. Relief!!
Annnnnd it's raining.. again.. Glorious!

I sit back down at my desk and see that my next student has cancelled their lesson. Unexpected free time on a busy day is awesome!!
Back to work on my computer.
While I'm working I remember that I wanted to see if I could fix the wheel on a chair I wanted to sell. I pull it out and get to work.

Time to eat again. I'm not hungry, but again, know I won't eat for several hours, so I have a small snack of Ranch Mashed potatoes. It is YUMMMY!!

 I watch the Weather forecast while eating because I am an 80 yr old woman. #ILoveWeather
I run to my bedroom to take some medicine. Most of mine are twice a day, but one is three times a day and sometimes I forget!
Thanks to my cancelled lesson I have a few free minutes, so I do some work on Mturk.
 Once again it's time to load up on water and get ready for my next wave of students!
I wised up and blew out the lantern but I move my candle from my desk into the piano room for some light.
 I turn the piano light on
 Put my ice water in place..... I know this is scintillating isn't it?! I was struggling at this point!
I really just wanted to take a nap in my comfy chair
But I was a good teacher and woke myself up!
My door was already unlocked and I was waiting on my student when I remembered that I needed to change the ink in my printer. Lately it has been an ordeal to do so, but today I'm actually able to change it in 8 mins! WHOOO!!
Lesson is over and student is picking out her sticker.
I have a 30 min break before my final hour long student and I take the opportunity to sit down and breathe for a few minutes. I check Instagram (since i finally have a smartphone I now have Insta! SO EXCITING!!!) and just relax for a few minutes.
Teaching away!
 It's really hard to stealthily take pictures of your students while they are playing the piano.

Our lesson is over and I tell her about this post, and say that we need to take a YAY the Day is done picture. I get this face instead. ha!!
A little better but my head looks ginormous compared to hers!
I lock my door and head into the kitchen. Now I need to get some cleaning done! I made a taco-y roast 2 days ago and need to divide it into containers and put them in the freezer. 
Of course after that I need to wash my crockpot, which means I need to put away my dry dishes.

And wash the rest! While I'm doing this I realize I didn't ever take a picture of my new faucet so I snap the one below.
You know you're an adult when you are excited and taking pictures of a faucet.
This is where the tracking of the day falls apart. I sit down on the couch with my laptop and Desperate housewives and I have no idea what else I did! At some point I realize I haven't eaten since around 5 pm and have some tuna and crackers. I LOVE tuna!

And I finally drag myself to bed and turn off the lights. It should be noted that I did not go to sleep then. Oh no, I had my tablet and was reading! I'm not sure when I fell asleep but it wasn't at 11:28.:)

And that was a Day in the Life! Wednesdays are busy for me, and I feel like I'm rushing around because several of the lessons are back to back and it's always stressful making sure people leave and arrive on time. Invariably someone is always late picking someone up and the next person is early and Miss Charity never gets to use the restroom on her few minute break. But I digress!

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