Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday- April Edition

It's the last Wednesday of the Month (WHAT??!!) and it's time to link up with Shay over at Mix and Match Family for What's up Wednesday!

I'm starting this on Monday so hopefully I'll finish it on time :)

First off

What we're eating this week:

Well Monday for breakfast I had scrambled eggs with cheese, onions, green pepper, and ham. For lunch I made grilled ham and cheese, and for dinner I have no clue!  (ETA I made a salad)

 I can tell you on Friday night I'll be making my new favorite deep dish pizza recipe thanks to Auds. It's SO good! I made it last Friday night and I'm basically counting down the hours until I can make it again!

Tuesday for dinner I made my version of Nachos. Basically a Taco on tortilla chips. So Yummy! For this one I did a pound of hamburger (We have Organic Grass Fed Beef thanks to being the daughter of a Farmer!) taco seasoning, I cut up tomatoes and onions and then mixed some liquid cheese with salsa and spooned on the top. Wish I had sour cream, but I was out!

What I'm reminiscing about:

I was going to say nothing, but this evening a picture of my oldest nephew popped up on my digital picture frame. He was 6 months old in the picture and I just about had a tear remembering him being so small!

What I'm Loving:

This Weather!! It has FINALLY warmed up here in Indiana and It is beautiful!! I officially have a flip flop tan, and have broken out the self tanner and darker makeup. In pictures today I think I could use a few more days of the self tanner until my makeup catches up with it. Slightly orange but i don't care!

What I've been up to:

Today (Tuesday) I had two Dr's apts and tons of errands. A visit with my Allergist is pictured above. I also went out and voted early today, so I could avoid the crowds next week. And no, I did NOT vote for Trump! Thankfully the rest of the week is not as busy, just normal lessons!

What I'm dreading:

I don't think I'm dreading anything at the moment, but I could be forgetting something! Ha!

What I'm working on:

Summer Teaching schedule. There are two things I dread the most in teaching, and they are figuring out the fall schedule and the summer schedule. Summer is a bit easier since most of my students are out of school so I'm not limited to the after school hours, but it's still a big job and like putting tetris blocks together.

What I'm excited about:

My Snugglemuffin and Lovemuffin will be seeing their Auntie soon! I am so excited I can barely handle it! I miss those two SO much! I'm hoping that Lovemuffin doesn't hate his Auntie and I can bond with him. I haven't been able to hold him since he was a few months old which breaks my Auntie heart. :(

What I'm watching/reading:

Another errand today was stopping at the Library for the 11, yes 11, books that I had put on hold. Trying out a few new Authors so I hope I like them! And yes, it looks like I have some interesting taste in books. What can I say? I like a good Murder Mystery!!

What I'm listening to:

This is kind of random, but about two weeks ago I got a talking book from the library about the Titanic. It was digital so I listened to it on my tablet. And I kind of fell in love with talking books! I just finished it this weekend and now I'm listening to another talking book about the Romanov sisters. I listen to it in bed to try and wind myself down. Apparently I like History before I sleep.

What I'm wearing:

 Monday I wore a newish Old Navy Top with a light weight cardigan on top of it. The top is sleeveless but I was too cold without the cardi on, and almost too warm with it on. The struggle is real! On the bottom I had on a pair of boyfriend shorts that as of last week were jeans. Go me!

 Tuesday I wore the same shorts, don't judge they weren't dirty! And paired it with my fake grey converse, and a green plaid shirt.

 And not a whole lot of makeup! I have officially broke out the facial self tanner and I'm loving it!! I have super pale skin, and while i like to try and get my legs and arms tannish, I have learned my lesson about sun on my face. So I put SPF on my face and wear a hat and stay in the shade when i'm outside (on my face at least). I put self tanner on so I don't look like i'm two different colors. :) And a benefit of self tanner on the face is that it covers my uneven skin tone which means i can ditch the foundation and just put a little powder on and I'm good to go! I like makeup but I don't care to spend much time on it, so knocking a few more minutes off of my routine is awesome!

What I'm doing this weekend:

 Well I'm hoping to be outside on my patio enjoying the weather, relaxing and reading my 11 books. ha! But I think it's supposed to rain. Boo!
Don't you like my dirt pit in the backyard? And my view of the neighbors junk? I need a fence on that side STAT!

What I'm looking forward to next month:

I mean, I can't resist!!!!

What else is new:

Nothing that I can think of at the minute! But my Coffee wore out several hours ago, so I could be missing something!

Happy Wednesday!

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