Sunday, May 15, 2016

Snugglemuffin And Lovemuffin's Mother's Day Visit- Part 1

Snugglemuffin and Lovemuffin made a special trip to Indiana for Mother's Day weekend and we had such a good time! I took way too many pictures. Well, scratch that, you can never take enough pictures of my adorable nephews!

Since I took so many pics I am breaking this blog up into more than one post. You're Welcome  :)

The nephews arrived Thursday night but I had to teach on Friday so I had to wait until 7 pm to leave town. I think I might have went a little bit above the speed limit, but I was so excited to see my boys and wanted to get home before they went to bed!
 I sent this pic to my Mom to show to Snugglemuffin, that Auntie couldn't wait to see him and give him hugs and kisses.

 FINALLY I was done teaching and ready to hit the road! This is my dialed down excited face. Believe me I was much more excited than that but I looked like a lunatic in the picture.
 When I got home B had just gotten out of his bath. Since everyone had already eaten, and I was starving. I sat down to eat and had him come over and sit with me and tell me about his day. He was so cute, he had to go grab his milk, and we sat and talked. Or rather, he talked :)
 I can predict with 100% accuracy that the face above is when he is saying "Weellllllll.. ACTUALLY" I'm not sure how many times he says that per day, but it's in the double if not triple digits.
 Of course it was time for an Auntie and Snugglemuffin selfie! Having a smartphone with a front facing camera is helpful, but not when a certain 5 year old uses it to make funny faces.
 I let him make faces and then told him I wanted a nice smile. What I got was his fake smile. Be prepared to see it return several times.
 Little brother finished his bath right as I was finishing dinner and then both of the boys went to bed. He actually smiled, SMILED at me!!! I was shocked but excited. He hasn't like me since last April 2015, when he was a wee little baby and let me hold him while he napped for hours and hours in my arms. A smile from him the first night! OH my Auntie heart was happy!
 The next morning, or rather afternoon. I slept in, can't help it. I got up and Lovemuffin apparently did not remember me from the night before. Or my just out of bed hair and no makeup was alarming. He didn't want to eat, just stare at me. And stare he did.
 He wasn't screaming at me, and was letting me talk to him, so I was happy for him to stare away! His Daddy who was trying to get him to eat lunch didn't share the same sentiment.
 No, that is not side ye (although he CAN do an impressive one!)
 He was staring at his new buddy Nana, who bribed him with Peek A Boo, and her famous Strawberry Cake.
 Snugglemuffin is getting SO TALL. He's about out grown the mini recliners we have for the boys. 

 Chatting with Nana. So it was Mother's Day weekend, but did I get any nice pics of my Mom? Did I get a picture of the boys with her? Of her with Me? No, no and no. Sorry Mom!
 Playing with little brother's new toy.
 Again with the fake smile. This time it looks painful. Bless his heart. We had just watched our annual episode of Charlie Brown. I love that that is our special thing!
 And because I am not above bribery to get my littlest nephew to like me, I busted out the fishie crackers. It might have taken 45 minutes, but i was finally able to get him to walk over to me and take a fishie out of my hand! VICTORY!!
 Why is that green chevron thing in my face? 
 Where are the crackers lady????!
 I thought the next succession of pictures were funny. Lovemuffin is still working on his walking skills, and he will use whatever he can find to help him stand up. Like his Daddy's pants. (Thank Goodness his Daddy wears a belt.)
 He's up, he made it over Daddy's leg and now to get closer to Big Brother...
 And then he got distracted looking back at me and fell down.
 Making his way to Auntie for a fishie cracker. And the green blur in his hand is a toy trumpet I got from him. Not sure who liked it better, him or his big brother. When Snugglemuffin saw the trumpet he was asking me why I had a trumpet. I started asking him how he knew what a trumpet was?! He said he looked at it and recognized what it was. Yeah, I never got an answer of how he knew what a trumpet was. but it was pretty funny!

 In another Auntie Victory. A Certain someone was having issues getting his tushie up into the chair, so I went over right after this picture, and picked him up and sat him in the chair. At Christmas this would have been cause for a huge she's trying to murder me meltdown. But this time he sat there and just grinned at me. He was quite proud of himself for sitting in a big boy chair!
 He might be a tad unsteady on his feet but he can move fast! This is the one decent picture I got of him taking the fishie out of my hand.
 Later in the afternoon B wanted Auntie to help him put together the Lego Piano set I gave him. I have one at my house but I coerced a student to put it together for me while her brother was having his lesson. (Teacher WIN!!)
 (Again the fake smile) So we were working on this Lego and I decide to video us doing it. SO I can hear his sweet little voice when I miss him. 


That video proved to be gold. Apparently my oldest nephew thinks he is the next YouTube Superstar. Unbeknownst to me, he has a mirror in their van, and he looks at himself while they are driving and talks to the mirror pretending to make videos. That child. He kills me.

All 6:58 of the video are priceless. The facial expresisons he makes (he likes to look at himself) and he was TALKING to "The People on the Movie" of course... I am trying to edit it and will hopefully post the short little clip of him that I have forced nearly every student to watch this past week. 
 Grandpa had to work late both days, and I was trying to be nice and send him a picture of B to cheer him up. Except that I kept getting his fake smile. Luckily, my Auntie brain clicked in, and saying  "Tushie" once got him to giggling.
I wore a super cute shirt to take picture in on Saturday and I took 2 pictures of me and B the entire day. #fail So I had to snap another one of just myself during "resting time".

Speaking of resting time. The boys share a room at Nana's, and B had asked me to read him a book. So I went upstairs with him and lowered myself to the ground (that I thought I was going to have to stay on for the rest of my life. I'm getting old) and read him a really LONG Bugs Bunny Book. Next time I'll bring water. My voice was needing some help! Anyways, I was not even half way through the book and little brother came into the room and his Mommy put him in the pack n play. Right beside me. I figured this could go either way, so I didn't look back or make eye contact. (This was pre fishie bribing) Either my voice is melodious reading Bugs Bunny or he was tired, but he laid down in his pack n play, not caring that Mommy left the room and listened to me read! I think if I had read a few more pages he would have been OUT!

Another Auntie win. I can't wait to read lovemuffin some more books in the coming years! Love my two sweet Nephews!