Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What's up Wednesday Welcome Summer!!

I'm pretty sure I say this every month but how is it the end of May? I feel like it should still be the end of April! I'm not complaining though because I love summer! Bring it on!!

What We're Eating this Week: So I really need to go for a big grocery stocking up trip, so this week is a hodge podge of food. Monday I ate Pasta Salad that I made up a recipe to, and a bagel, and a ham sandwich. Tuesday so far I had grilled ham, cheese and tomato, and Cheese Pizza from the best pizza place ever, Buck Creek Pizza! 

What I'm Reminiscing About: Summers of past! I want to make a Summer Bucket list and do some fun things this year! Here's to hoping I actually get to go to the Fair instead of being stuck at home while my sewer line was repaired.  Boo to you 2015.

What I'm Loving: All of my recent Yard Sale Finds! Mom and I went to a big neighborhood one last weekend and I came away with tons of great finds!

What I've been up to: Teaching, I played a concert at a Nursing Home, and lots of cleaning and organizing and redecorating! I have been feeling the bug lately! 

What I'm Dreading: Does anyone else get sad when they finish watching an entire series on Netflix or Hulu? My current series is almost over,and I'm sad to say goodbye to my friends. hahahah

What I'm Working On: Organizing. And decorating for Summer. I am feeling the need for festive 4'th of July decorations. And flowers and pink and turquoise.  Give me all the colors!

What I'm Excited about: I am excited that my weekly massages are starting this week! The Massage therapy school that is oh so conveniently very close to my house, is doing their free summer clinic. Listen, I may or may not have arranged one of my teaching days so that I could get a massage every week. They are amazing and did I Mention FREE!!

What I'm watching/reading: I'm currently reading "Illegitimate" by Brian Mackert. It's about a guy who grew up Polygamous in the FLDS, and then got out and found the loving God that there is! It's really interesting! I am fascinated with Polygamy. Like a bad car wreck you can't quite look away from. 

What I'm listening to: My Pandora Stations on rotate this week are my 1. Florida Georgia Line, 2 Backstreet Boys, 3. Vanilla Ice. :)  and KLOVE of course!!

What I'm wearing: Shorts, Sleeveless tops, and sandals. All day, err day. And a maxi dress or skirt when I need to be fancy.

What I'm doing this weekend: This weekend I am hoping to spend some time outside, go to church on Sunday, and then my Parents are coming sometime to have a Memorial Day work at Charity's House Party.  Dad is off work for the holiday so we are using his time off to do some projects around the house. What a great Daddy he is!!

What I'm looking forward to next month: Just Summer!!  I'm excited to spend time outside, get my pool up and going, hopefully have some pool parties with my friends and their littles. And just enjoy the summer!

What else is new: Nothing is new this week, but next week my Studio starts it's summer schedule. Which means I will be confused on who is coming each day until probably August when it switches around to back to school. :)

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Katie said...

I also have a strange fascination with polygamy! I just don't understand it, but can't get enough at the same time :)

If you want to read another great one, get "Under the Banner of Heaven." I was reading it right there were new interesting!