Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Northview Block Party

 Finally getting caught up on happenings on the ol blog! 

A week ago we had our Block Party at my churches new location! We finally are in our new building and it's beautiful! So we had a block party to celebrate! I invited Audra and Addie, and Addie's Nana just so happened to be in town visiting so I finally got to meet her! My friend and Piano Student Sarah met us there and we had a great time! I also ran into another student and FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE!! Who am I???! I will blame it on the heat!

 I'm not sure if #SelfieSunday is a thing, but I'm trying to make it one on my Instagram. After church Selfies in front of my window give the best light! I'm also really into wearing dresses (Sundresses mostly) to church this summer. It is HOT outside!

 By Far Addie's FAVORITE part of this shindig was the Puppy she met. Moses. Yes, the Dog's name was Moses. And he was ADORABLE!
 I couldn't seem to get a great picture of her loving on him, but suffice it to say
 Addie and her Mama. And her Nana in the background! Let me just tell you, they had some amazing Chocolate Chunk Cookies. I am still thinking about those cookies. They were just that good! And under the tent was sooo much cooler than out in the hot sun!
 By this point, Addie Jane was kind of done.
 She hid it well. HA!!
 We were struggling with the pictures that afternoon. I will again blame it on the heat!
 Me and Sarah! You can't tell, but Sarah and I both got our faces painted! We took some super awkward pictures under the tent that I will spare you from seeing. #YoureWelcome
 Sarah got a Melting Ice cream cone, with a cherry on top! And I got a pink, white and blue butterfly! Upon seeing myself in the mirror on the drive home I got "If I were a Butterfly" stuck in my head and have been singing it ever since. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, click HERE.

 After I got home I attempted to get a better pic of the butterfly...
 Which was a fail, but doesn't my hair look nice? I curled it that morning! I'm trying to figure out hairstyles for church that don't involve me washing it that morning and then spending 9,890,780,678 hours blowdrying it. Naturally Curly hair-NOT wash and go.

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