Monday, June 13, 2016

Roman Is 1 !!!

 Playing Catch up on the Blog Again! First up is Roman's 1'st Birthday Party Last weekend! Roman belongs to one of my dear friends, Jboz, who really is more like family than a friend. She has a key to my house if that tells you anything! I feel so loved when I am included in family Celebrations with the Boz family, they truly are my second family!

Pictured above is a cupcake and the best doggone dip I've ever had. It was some sort of cookie dough dip with chocolate crackers. Oh man, I have GOT to get the recipe to it! SO GOOD!! As usual Jboz had everything looking perfect and beautiful! I, of course, took zero pictures of the decorations. #Fail

 Buuuut I did get some pictures of the birthday boy! He was just not quite sure what to think of all these people in his house. I had to laugh when it was cake time, it was like the papparazzi! I was standing on tippy toes at the back of the crowd trying to see. (and I'm a tall girl!)
 He slowly got the idea of what a smash cake was...
 And I got to move to a better picture taking position!!

 I mean.. stop! That crown just killed me.
 Lady, why you look at me and call my name repeatedly? Can't you see i'm BUSY HERE!!

 You know it's a good party when the guest of Honor has to take a break for a bath! ha! Roman got icing all over his body AND his white blond hair. It was too cute!
 He also wasn't too sure of the whole present opening thing. Like most kids ( or at least my own nephews) he wanted to play with the toys after they were opened. I think he would have been happy with just one present! ha!
 I love the face Jboz is making here, because she's opening one of the gifts I got for Ro Ro, Sunglasses. BUT not just any sunglasses! DWAYNE WAYNE Sunglasses!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't understand that reference, then you need to go binge watch all the seasons of  A Different World on Netflix. Man, I love that show!

 Ro Ro Wasn't quite as enthused of the sunglasses as the rest of us were :)
 Roman's Birthday Party fell on Bethanne's actual Birthday! I was sneaky and found out some of her favorite treats and brought her a small birthday present. We, of course, had to get in a selfie!
 And a picture with the Birthday Boy and his Momma! And he's picking his nose, which is gross but hilarious blackmail :) Side note, that little photo bomber is one of his twin cousins who were SO CUTE and ate across from me. They were both flirting and smiling at me and making faces. ADORABLE! Second Sidenote, I've always loved kids, but now that I'm an Auntie to two adorable precious nephews, I find that I cannot help smiling and making faces/doing peekaboo at random stranger children that I have never met. I do it in stores too, basically whenever I see a child. I feel like I need to wear a shirt that says "I'm Not Creepy, I'm just an Auntie"
Holding Ro Ro's hand so it's not in his nose! :) ha! Love that little boy and my entire Boz family! Here is to many more Birthdays in the future! Happy 1'st Birthday Roman! Auntie Cherrybear Loves you!!

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