Monday, July 11, 2016

Fourth of July Fun with the Nephews! Part One

Grab a Drink, Several Snacks, Use the Restroom, and pack a change of clothes. This is going to be a LONG post. And it's only Part One! #BraceYourself

What can I say, my nephews are just so doggone cute, and we had too much fun on the 4'th not to recap it fully!
First off on the Family Fun, we hit up the Wolcott Festival! My brother and I grew up going to it every year of our childhood so I was excited to share it with my nephews. When We pulled into town I first wondered where all the people were. You used to have to park way down the road, sometimes by a field, this wasn't the case this time. So that was weird. 

The second thing I wondered was where were all the booths? The lawn of the Wolcott house used to be filled to the brim with booths, selling things, and all kinds of stuff. not so much this time. There was the music stage as usual, and a petting zoo. I was shocked! We did find some booths later but not very many of them. And I was walking/hand holding with a certain little boy who kept thinking that our entire family was going to leave us as we stopped at a booth.

 We snuck in a picture of Nana and Grandpa with their boys with A not realizing what was going on. Sometimes you have to be sneaky!
 A wasn't quite sure what was going on.. Or why he was being forced to drink out of a pink cup. #WhenAtNanas
 This little Cutie and his Momma watched Auntie and Big Brother ride the Merry Go Round. More about that in Part Two!

 We rock the selfie. Even if it did take three tries to get him to give me a real smile! The age of the fake smile has arrived, and I'm here to tell you his fake smile is painful looking. Bless his heart!

 So My Mom has this train that plays a song, and one of the cars on it has a circle that spins around. When B was little, probably 6 months old or so? He came to Nana's and LOVED this train. but he always did one particular thing with it. He would put his finger in the circle to where you could hear it hitting his finger. Hard to explain on paper, but a very distinct thing. Fast Forward a few years and the first time A played with this train HE DID THE SAME EXACT THING!!!!! This picture above is him doing it. So weird that two brothers who are very different, do the same weird thing on this toy! EVERY SINGLE TIME.

 My SIL and I toured the Wolcott house, which was great because they had the a/c on full blast and it felt SOOOO GOOD! the house was nice too :) They had a baby grand piano that I REAAALLLLLLYYYYY wanted to play, but of course there was a girl who was being a piano hog and everytime i went by the room with the piano she was still on it!

I took the above picture because it cracked me up! My family has an inside joke with these big animals on the wall, so I was snickering to myself the entire time!
 I thought this bed was really cool and even cooler was the inside of it
 I'm not sure what that is, but it was beautiful!
 I love old houses and the woodwork. These stairs were just gorgeous!!!
 I always wanted some fancy dramatic stairs like these growing up!
 When we were done touring the Wolcott House we decided we should take a picture to commemorate! We were going to do a selfie in front of this pretty stained glass window for a cool background, until one of the workers saw us and told us she would take our picture! Very nice of her! 

So she snapped several shots and then told us that we needed to go over and stand on the stairs for another pose.  I told her she was a woman after my own heart, she understood the need for photography! HA!
 I made my SIL stand on the step above me so we would be the same height :) I never went to Prom #Homeschooled but I told my SIL after we left that I felt like we were taking prom pictures there on those steps! It got a little awkward, but it was funny!

 After we took our sweaty selves home from the festival, we had just enough time to have a short break, and a rest for the little, before we headed out to a special dinner at one of my parents favorite restaurants! The Whistle Stop! Us kids had never been, and they had told us how cool it was, so I for one was excited to go! B got to ride in Nana's car for the first time, in his booster seat, and despite the look on his face in this picture he was really excited. :)
 A likes to pull and tug at his curls.. Especially when he is eating .:)
 He was getting excited about something here, Food no doubt!!
 The Whistle Stop gives you complimentary ice cream at the end of your meal!!!!! WE WERE ALL FANS!
 Afterwards we walked around outside checking out all the trains, and this cutie held my hand again. Sighs. Heart Melt!
 We sat down while my SIL tested out her camera to get a family pic of us, and I get this face from B when I ask him to take a picture with Nana and Grandpa.
 I have to say I like it better than his fake smile that looks like he is in pain!
 They had some really cool trains you could go in and play around on!
 Both of the boys were fans of "driving" the steering wheel. I was about to have a heart attack because there was a large place next to the wheel that you can kind of see above, that had no railing. i.e. child could just fall. I was happy when we were finally done on that train :)
 Walking around holding Nana's hand.
 Since our pictures on the way there were a slight fail, I told B we needed to try again. To him this meant Auntie said to make the craziest faces ever.
 I mean.. I just can't. He was cracking himself up and I was DYING when I would look at the pictures and see how far he could stretch his face!
I clearly need some help on my crazy faces, but they were too hilarious not to share!
 After we got home from the Whistle Stop, I sat down on the love seat and B snuggled up alongside of me. I put my hand on his back and starting lightly rubbing it, and within mins my Dad was telling me his eyes were closed and that he thought he fell asleep! I thought he had as well since he was QUIET. Which doesn't happen often:) He was not asleep but he stayed next to me while I rubbed his back for over 20 mins!
He even stayed there after his Mommy set his timer which tells him how much time he has to play before bedtime. He did tell me that "When a Cheetah lays down next to you for rest, you need to rub his back" Convenient how the "Cheetah" was tired around the same time as a certain little boy. My Mom rubbed my back when I was growing up, and I would always get her to "tickle" my back which was really just scratching it. :) B is SUPER ticklish, so I was surprised he liked having his back rubbed! But really, Who DOESN'T like having their back rubbed??!

Stay tuned for Part 2!!

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