Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Life Lately

First off, Shout Out to Blogger for taking all of my pics and putting them completely out of order.I hate moving pics around on blogger, so you are stuck with it!

Secondly, brace yourself for massive picture overload. Apparently I should blog Life Lately more regularly!

 I got a new lipstick in my Boxycharm, that was way darker than my normal color. I'm trying to try new things this summer, so i wore it! Go me! It was one you definitely need a mirror to apply, but I liked it!

 Earlier this week I finally went and got my eyes checked. It really wasn't that exciting, but I was glad that my new dr's office got me in and out in under an hour! And the best part was that the air puff machine was broken! SO NO AIR PUFF IN EYES! Man, I hate that thing!
 I wandered upon a 90% off CVS sale this past weekend and made out like a bandit. I can't resist these cups, I drink a ton of water and always have a drink around me. 50 cents for a festive USA cup? Sold!

 I had an adventure out of town this past Sunday, and got to go to my favorite Goodwill store. I scored a ton of stuff for under 14.00! Thanks to red tag Sunday! 
 This shirt wasn't on sale, but I couldn't resist the cute little detailing!

 I had Dinner with A&A last night and Audra and I exchanged purchases. HA! She had bought the pillows (Second from right and left) for her office but didn't like them. She knew they matched my living room and asked if I wanted them. Um, YES! How cute are they? I cannot resist pillows. They are my weakness! Students and Parents have already complimented me on them :)

 When I was out of town Sunday for my adventure, I was getting ready to drive back home and the sky looked ominous. Thankfully i missed the brunt of the storm, but I definitely drove through rain!

 Some more finds at CVS. I have a flower addiction.
 I also love anything that lights up. I loved this little fake candle light!
 And how cute are these tiny lanterns?!!!

 While I was out of town, I drove past the Hospital that I have had several surgeries at with my GI Doctors. Oh the memories! Or not so much, since the medicine always gives me amnesia!

 I happened upon a National Guard place with this equipment out front. I knew I had to stop and take pictures for my oldest nephew. I threw in a selfie with it, so he'd know I was there :)

 I started off last weekend with a trip to my Chiro. Ahhhhh...
 It was a stuggling friday. Glasses, Sleepy Face, Brain not working.. Stuggle!

 So far my Garden has produced One Cucumber, and One Sweet Pepper. 

 Last Weds it got really dark and rainy in the middle of the afternoon. I had to light some candles in my kitchen to work on my computer and it was cozy!!
 Before the rain happened I had a special delivery of Doughnuts for my Students and I! I might have eaten my favorite before they got here :)

 One of my students has THE CUTEST little baby sister!!!!!

 I signed up to be a book Reviewer and got my first free book to review last week! I really like this Author's books, currently reading it right now! Stay tuned for a review!
 And finally, HOW ADORABLE is this outfit I got for Addie Jane????!! I died when i saw it in store, I knew she had to have it! She looks really cute in blue/green.

And the shorts have RUFFLES!!!! Little girls clothes are my favorite!!!

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