Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dinner with A&A/C&C- July Edition!

 So a few weeks ago, (I'm getting old, I can't even remember when it was!!) I went over to Auds for our girls nite dinner! And somehow managed to get ZERO pictures of Cubbie James. But no worries, he was there and he got some lovin! We start this picture story with Addie looking slightly worried in our selfie.
 That quickly changed. I just LOVE that little girl! She was allll about Miss Charity that night and we got in LOTS of snuggles. Which just filled my heart up! She is so sweet and FULL of personality! I can remember Audra being pregnant and us talking and wondering about what her future child would be like. I think neither of us imagined the essence that is Addie Jane. She is one of a kind and just delightful! I love this picture of us, but I also think it's funny because she looks so sweet and docile. Don't get me wrong, she is a sweet little love bug, but she has a spunky personality which I love!
 Like how she purposely sucks her thumb and pulls at her hair during our photo session.
 And these pictures... We are still working on getting a good pic of all three of us.
 SOMEONE makes it a little challenging. Also, My head looks 8,000 times the size of Audras in these pics. The girl with the big head should really be in the back. Note to Self.

 Even though it's not "perfect" I love this pic of Addie laughing at her Momma! So sweet!
 She thinks she is a little funny.
 And she is!! She looked at this picture on my phone for a good ten minutes, giggling at herself. Making it larger and zooming in on her face, and giggling some more. This 1 yr old is better at a smartphone than I am.

 It was time for dessert and we had ice cream cones! This is Addies first cone.... More on that in a second.
 Apparently she likes to eat the cone by starting at the bottom. Personally I always save that for last because it's not that good! Well Miss Addie Jane was eating away and waved her cone off to the right of her, where Cubbie just so happened to be standing in wait. And legit in the blink of an eye that cone was gobbled up by Cubs while Addie and I just stared at him trying to figure out what had happened! HA! She looked at me so confused! 
 So here is she with Cone #2. Keep that ice cream close to you Addie Jane!!
 Again with the bottom of the cone. Crazy girl!
Love that little blonde haired spunky girl!!

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