Friday, September 30, 2016

What's Up Wednesday! Erm... Friday??!

So this month's WUW TOTALLY snuck up on me! For some reason I thought we had a few more weeks of Sept. I struggle with dates!

(And once again, I started this on Weds and now it is Friday night at 8:22 pm and I am desperately trying to finish this before I forget about it again!!)

What I'm eating this week: Well it's Weds and I can't remember Monday. That's probably not a good sign.. Tuesday I had A&A&C over for dinner and I made one of my families favorite casseroles, Green Beans and Hamburger meat with Tomato soup, and mashed potatoes on top. YUM. A brought a Salad and then we had Mix and Match Mama's Apple Cinnamon Pull Apart bread for dessert. So good! I had leftovers today and really need to plan food for tomorrow as Thursdays are almost an eat standing up between lessons day.

What I'm reminiscing about: Today (Friday) I saw a post on my FB memories (darn those things!! they always give me all the feels!!) about a dinner with Addie a year ago. She was so tiny and had so little hair! Hard to believe that was an entire year ago!

What I'm Loving: Ahhhh this cooler fall weather!!! It was a HOT Summer here in IN, very humid, and after sweating seemingly non stop for the past few months I am delighted to have some cooler weather! I'm also delighted to not be running my ac or heat! MY favorite months of the year are when I can open the windows for air and save some money!!

What I've been up to: Working on Christmas Recital stuff. Teaching, Lesson Planning, Cooking, and seemingly spending half my life doing dishes. Considering I am the only person who lives in my house I am slightly worried how much dishes I will have if I ever get married. Maybe I'll put a dishwasher on my bridal registry??!

What I'm dreading: Well it's the weekend now so NOTHING!!!

What I'm working on: All things Christmas Recital and Christmas Shopping/Planning. This year our recital is a week earlier than normal, so it's the last week of November which to me feels like it is way earlier. So I am slightly stressing out at how quickly it will be here! I have 6 students left to pick out songs, and then I need to get started designing the program.

What I'm excited about: See Below for What I'm excited for next month, because it's the same answer :)

What I'm watching/reading: I am loving all the new Fall TV!! And the returns of some of my favorites! Still waiting for Madam Secretary and Elementary to return. But So far have watched Hawaii 5-0, Lethal Weapon, This is Us (seriously, will there be a WHAAATTT???!! Moment at the end of EVERY episode??!!!) Greys, How to Get Away with Murder, Bull, Notorious and I'm sure something else. 

What I'm listening to: Christmas music. :) I haven't been listening to it on Pandora, but with the majority of my students already having their recital songs picked out, we have been playing christmas music. It is particularly funny when it was so hot outside and i'm sitting in my chair in shorts and sandals listening to Deck the Halls and O Christmas tree :) I confess I've found myself humming some of their songs as I"m out and about shopping.

What I'm wearing: I still think this is a creepy question. Again, I have no memory of Monday, Tuesday I wore a knee length black and white striped skirt, a sleeveless mint green top with gold piping and a matching mint green cardigan. Today I'm wearing my beloved DG Jeggings, with a cream and pink flowered top, a cream cardigan, and my Walmart leopard flats. (Also super comfy) I"m all about the jegging and legging season!! (As long as your shirts are long enough!) Thursday I wore leggings, a black v neck tunic, and a bright blue cardigan. Friday was more leggings and a green plaid shirt. I'm all about being comfy in the cooler weather!

What I'm doing this weekend: Other than Church and now my Mom coming to town on Saturday I have no plans and that is how I like it!!

What I'm looking forward to next month: April is coming to visit!!!! Her Hubby is coming as well, and I will finally get to meet their little girl, Audrey! I'm so excited!! It's been awhile since I've seen my Apes and I have MISSED her!!!!! The Dream Team will be united again! I'm also excited about Halloween, it falls on a lesson day so I am dressing up, and hopefully my students will wear their costumes as well! And I can't wait to see what my Addie Jane is for halloween!! October is also my Mama's birthday and my parents 40th wedding anniversary!

What else is new: I was going to say nothing and then I remembered that Thursday night I kind of accidentally made the best gravy ever!! I was making a new crock pot recipe and it called for some gravy so not only did i make gravy from scratch for the first time ever but i mixed in some extra ingredients and seriously, it was the best thing ever. we're talking really close to the awesomeness that is KFC's gravy!!

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