Sunday, October 30, 2016

Apes and Steve Return to Indiana!

So last weekend  3 Weekends Ago something FINALLY happened that we have been trying to have happen for over a year. My dear friend April, and I were finally able to meet up and I was able to meet her little girl Audrey Rose! Between both of our schedules, that seemed to be complete opposites of each other! Weather, Sicknesses, and April moving from IL to MI it has been a struggle! But we finally were able to get together and it was great!!

These pictures are out of order, Thanks Blogger, and I am too lazy to fix them! So there you have it!

April and Steve Arrived on Saturday late afternoon. We played at my house and then went out to eat at one of their must visits for Dinner- Arni's! And crazily enough neither of them ordered Pizza! I don't understand this?? We hung out and chatted, and then went our separate ways. Sunday after I was finished serving at church I met April and her family, and Muy Caliente and her crew at oh shoot. I forgot what the resturant was called. Um..... Something with a P? Anywho, the picture above is our official "The Dream Team" is reunited again portrait!!
April and I saturday night. The one and only selfie we took! How crazy is that??!! The selfie queens were a little busy chasing around a 1 yr old :)

They got stuck in traffic on their way here, and I was anxiously awaiting them, looking out my living room window like a little kid! I attempted to distract myself by taking some selfies in the great light that is my living room window. I kind of cracked up because it looks like a head shot!
What can I say? I take a good selfie :) #ILiveAlone #TheresNoOneElseToTakeAPictureWith
Finally they were here! After a wardrobe change for Miss Audrey she set out exploring Miss Charity's house and play, play playing!!
She was really fond of my pink ottoman.
And then she got herself stuck in a box. And we laughed, and took pictures of her of course! ha!

It's all fun and games....
Until you fall over.. and no one helps you up... well until after they take a picture of course!
Back in the box, hanging out with mommy. I didn't get a picture of it, but Audrey kept going to my front door, and standing by the screen door (which I had locked because she was too smart and figured out how to open it!! Anyways, she would stand with her back to the screen door, grab my storm door and pull it shut on herself. Until all you saw was a tiny hand on the handle and heard a little voice saying.. "Byyeeeeeee..... Byyyeeeeee... Byyyeeeee"! And her Bye's sound like a valley girl! ADORABLE! At one point she even said "See ya Later! Byeeee"! HAHAHAH
She wasn't into having a picture at that moment.
My dinner date! Audrey sat next to me and we had a grand ol time! She threw her bottle down and got a teenage bus boy to pick it up and she was making eyes at him!!! He walked away and she was still staring him down!! I was dying! She then threw her bottle down again, in hopes her prince charming would come back, but alas he did not.

And now on to Sunday! It was my Sunday to serve at church so I was rocking my Orange (I really don't like orange) t shirt. I was glad I wore a cardigan as it was chilly outside and I ended up working the first time visitor booth out front!

Finally lunch time! I was STARVING by the time I got to the restaurant! Izzy sat by Audrey and Audrey was. A. FAN. It was so funny to see her trying to get Izzy's attention and trying to "Play" with her.

Ari had to get in on the action. She was trying to tickle Audrey but her tickling was so soft it was more like a light massage. ha! I know this because she tried to tickle me as well :)
Sweet Girls
When we all first met eachother Muy was the only one with kids and only had two kids. JC and Izzy. Now Muy has Ari as well and April has Audrey! I loved watching them playing together! I hope they can become little friends like their mama's and I are!

A group shot with all the girls. By this time Audrey was done. We probably should have tried for a picture at the beginning but we were having so much fun chatting and catching up that I almost forgot! Notice how I'm holding Ari. She was my new little bff. She was telling me "secrets" that were really what she was getting her siblings for christmas and what she wanted. Izzy told me some "Secrets" as well. Such sweet little girls! I loved hearing their ideas, and their little giving hearts! It almost brought a little tear to my eye, because they were both thinking of their siblings and special things for them. They DEFINITELY take after their Mama! Muy Caliente is one of the most giving and sacrificial people I have ever had the privilege to know!

Speaking of Muy, we realized that although we go to different churches, the backs of our serving shirts are almost identical! Felt a little weird getting a picture of our booties but it was funny!

Love my girls!!

So thankful that Apes and Steve came all the way to see Me and Muy and that despite the miles, we are still as close as ever! I love having friends that are there for you and will be there, no matter how far apart you are, or how often you talk.  Those are a special breed of friends and i'm so grateful to have some in my life!! Long Live The Dream Team!!!!!

*Also, if you're wondering why it took me three weeks to write this. The DAY after April left I came down with a cold that a student passed on to me. The cold of death. Which then turned into a sinus infection and bronchitis. Although if I hadn't been sick, it probably would have taken me several days to get it posted because that's just how I roll! *

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