Friday, October 14, 2016


 My name is Charity and I am a terrible blogger! I have so much I haven't blogged about! I thought I would do a catch up post, and added 66 pictures and still wasn't done, so this may be a two parter! Brace yourself and let's go!

#SelfieSunday is a thing. In my world at least. I take my best pictures in front of my living room window. I am going to miss wearing my favorite dress in the cold months!

 I'm all about sales and clearances. I picked up these adorable candle holders at CVS on major clearance. SO cute!!

 I might be bad about blogging but I was wrapping Christmas Presents on Labor day weekend. Like a BOSS!!
 DQ had a free oreo frappe a few weeks ago and it was SOOOO good! Oreos, Ice Cream and Coffee. YUM!

 Have I mentioned how much I hate the dentist? I'll spare you my horror stories, but ugh. just ugh.
 Put a candle in my new candle holder on the piano and thought it was so cool how it made a neat decoration on the wall.
 I'm all about the candles apparently. I have a cake stand/punch bowl/glass thingy that I struggle knowing what to do with. i put some leaves on the bottom and a giant vanilla candle i have (that has since died). it added some festive to the kitchen!
 A few weekends ago I was all set to read my magazines and chill on the couch. And then the tornado sirens went off. So I headed to the laundry room which was HOT since I had been doing laundry.
 Pebbles was not super excited.
 Does anyone else text their friends pictures of their outfits and accessories to pick which goes better?
 I think this is a sign of getting old. I cleaned out and re arranged my cups cabinet one weekend and I was quite happy!
 I love being cozy. and I love cozy lights! I have leaves and orange lights on top of my sofa table and love being able to have them on and my main lights off.
 Wrapped more Christmas presents. five points to you if you can read who this is to!
 Indiana weather is crazy. It has been so hot here, then flirted with us being cooler, and then back up to hot. ugh. Over it! It was finally cool enough to turn off the a/c and open the window. I LOVE being able to teach with the window open!
 Jboz and I have created what I call "Baptist Happy Hour" which involves some sort of a snack, a drink (non alcoholic of course!) and us girl chatting. I have a break between a homeschooled student and then after school students which happens to coincide with nap time for Jboz's little ones. It's my favorite part of every other week :) Anyways, I found this Welch's juice at the store and it was INSANELY good. I bought 4 of them and we'll not discuss how quickly they were empty. :(
 A&A&C came over for dinner a few weeks ago and Addie Jane was having a rough time.
 At her face was just so pitiful I couldn't NOT take pictures!
 The one pig tail cracks me up!
 Love this sweet friend of mine!
 And that cute lil booger!

 This handsome fella was there as well!
 My Peeps

 Cubbie and the Selfie wasn't really working so well that night :)
 This is random but I realized as I was sitting on the couch waiting for a student that I can finally see out the door! We removed the two huge bushes that were in front of my house and it's so nice to be able to see out the door and the windows!!!
In more random-ness. One day I decided to make some pork chops in the crock pot and wanted some sort of a creamy sauce. I found a gravy recipe online and added a few seasonings to the recipe and it was the BEST gravy I've ever had! Almost better than KFC's gravy!! My first time making gravy and i knocked it out of the park. I was proud of myself.
Two things. I never thought I liked candy corn. Then I bought some to use as a decoration, and ended up snacking on it! So Yummy! Also, my nails look super cute here and it's a 1.00 polish from you guessed it, DOLLAR GENERAL!!
My kind of friday night. Big lights off. Festive Lights on. Rain falling, cooler temps, can I get an Amen?!
Love my red glowy light of my Grandparents. Everytime I have the bottom red light base on it reminds me of them. That used to be my nightlight when I spent the night at their house!

Most of the time when I teach Skype lessons I am set up at my kitchen table. But this particular night I was tired and just wanted to be cozy. So I set myself up on the couch with lots of pillows and it was glorious!

Once in awhile I straighten my hair. Then I walk by mirrors and do a double take.

And then after two days of my hair being straight my hair and head starts to hurt. Like my hair is protesting being something it isn't. I wash it and go back to curly and my hair is happy.
Last weekend I had a great start to a fun weekend, which I'll blog about later :) I started off with a trip to my favorite man, my chiropractor! And my last selfie in his office, because he is remodeling this week and it's going to look totally different! Is it weird that I'm excited over this??!
Full shot of my outfit that day. Sleeveless and capris. The Next day it was cool and I had on long sleeves. The day I'm FINALLY finishing this (over a week later) Friday the 14'th, I had the heat on earlier today. Right now the windows are open and in two days it's going to be in the 80s. Oh Indiana weather.....

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