Thursday, October 20, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesdays: Show us your Quirks

Next to day in the life posts, I think these are my favorite! I love reading about other weird people and realizing I'm not as crazy as I think I am! Let your Freak Flag Fly!!

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I cannot stand the feeling of my knee caps touching each other. Now I'm not talking about crossing my legs, I'm fine with that, as the top of the knee is hitting the bottom of the knee, but curling up on the couch, laying in bed, I HAVE to have a pillow between my knees so my knee caps DO.NOT.TOUCH.  I didn't think this was so weird until I was telling some friends and their husbands about it at lunch the other day and they were all looking at me like I was nuts.

It creeps me out when toilets are left open. I think they should be closed unless they are in use. When people come to my home and use my restroom and leave the seat open, I have been known to shut it when they are not looking.

I'm terrified of mice. I don't know what it is about those little creepy things but they strike terror into my heart. Especially after having two of them in my house after I moved here and the saga of trying to kill them. Just thinking about it is making me queasy and my heart beat a little faster.

I love Bananas but don't like anything banana flavored. I have gotten to the point where I can eat banana bread but only if it's baked with chocolate chips and has a cream cheese icing. Basically I need to hide the banana flavor.

I have "Inside Shoes". I want everyone to take off their shoes coming into my house (Try being a piano teacher and having that many people in your home each week and see if it bothers you! So much MESS!yuck!) but I like to wear shoes in my house. In the winter I have my bootie slippers, and the rest of the year I have flip flops that I buy and wear specifically only in the house. If I wear actual shoes they are ones that I have cleaned the bottom with soap and water after wearing outside. I also have inside shoes ballet flats :) Why? Well I tend to run into furniture and have broken pinky toes more than I can count. 

I cannot stand to touch uncooked meat. It just makes me want to vomit. I will use forks or whatever i can to get my ground beef package open and put the meat in the skillet without touching the meat. I can't even think about touching raw chicken meat. ugh. no, just NO!

I also can't stand the smell of chicken cooking, like boiling chicken. This is not my fault however! One time I walked into my parent's house and Mom was boiling chicken to make chicken salad. I immediately got nauseated and exclaimed how much it was grossing me out. To which my Mom replied, Oh, I know! I haven't been able to take the smell of cooking chicken since I was pregnant with you!!!

As long as we're talking about chicken, I am picky with what kind I eat. I really prefer boneless chicken. I will eat a chicken drumstick if it's at KFC, but cooking chicken thighs, ect, and then eating them at home. grosses me out. Give me nuggets or chicken breasts all the way!!

Whenever I go somewhere you can count on me having an ice pack in my purse. And it's in a cute makeup pouch. Living with a chronic illness I never know when it's going to hit, and ice greatly helps when I am in pain/feel like puking my guts out. So I carry one with me at all times. 

Speaking of my purse, I like them large. And I carry anything and everything I might ever need! My Chiropractor calls it my "Luggage" and often picks it up to see how heavy it is. (I try to clean it out before I go to my apt 0=-) )

I love magazines, and most Friday nights I like to unwind with a little People and Us Weekly. My friends know if they need celebrity gossip or the 411 on something popular I will know all about it. 

My favorite section in Us Weekly is the 25 things you don't know about me. I find it fascinating! Yes, I am nosy!

I love celebrating birthdays. My birthday, other people's birthdays, doesn't matter! I'm excited for you and happy to celebrate! However, If I am mailing you a present or a card, (and ok, sometimes giving it to you in person..) don't ever expect to get it on time. A few days after your birthday, a week, ahem.. a month..  I am incapable of getting it there on time.

I love the smell of pumpkin, but not the taste of it. 

You'll never find me drinking a PSL.

In the interest of actually posting this the same week it was due (Forget about the same day!) that is my list of crazy (well, part of!)

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