Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween 2016 Recap!

Look at me posting a recap within a week of it happening! What is LIFE???!!!!

We kicked off Halloween 2016 on the Friday before. One of my students came in her costume (Which I love when they do that!!!!) She did have to take it off to play the piano! HA!

 My mask for my costume arrived right before her lesson so I couldn't resist trying it on and snapping a pic!
 Sunday after church I headed over to Addie Jane's house to see her outfit! Sadly, we forgot to dress up Cubbie and get my picture with him. He was a cubs player, complete with jersey and HAT!!! I die.. to go along with his outfit Addie was a Cubs Cheerleader! So cute!!
 As you can see she was less than excited about pictures that day. :)
 Exhibit A
 Exhibit B
 She found a berry on a plant and was saying "Whooooaaaa!" hahaha
 Her little sprout and hair! I can't believe how much hair she is getting!!

 Exhibit C

 And D. I finally decided as long as the Adults looked good, that was all that mattered :)

 Halloween Day I got to work on my hair, to try and Make it Lucy Like. I had worn my hair straight and curling iron curled to church the day before, so it would be easier to try and flip out. I am NOT an expert on doing my hair with a curling iron or flat iron for that matter. but I did curl my hair in flips and I thought it turned out pretty well!!
 It has to look a little crazy, before it can look good.
 I put a headband in, and then pulled hair out on the sides of my face and flipped them out a little extra.
 Costume!! My sign says "Psychiatric Help 5 cents. The Dr is IN."
 Full shot of my Lucy hair!

 Everytime I took a picture with my mask on and then looked at it, I couldn't stop myself from laughing!!
 Since Halloween was a teaching day I got to see several students in costume! I can't show their pictures on here, but I had an Adorable Red Riding hood, and a very pretty Peacock!! And then this Beanie Baby showed up for a lesson!
 A beanie baby playing the piano was too funny to resist sneaking in a picture!
 Later during Trick or Treat hours I got to see Miss. J stop by!!
 And then my other Miss.J convinced her Mom to bring her trick or treating at Miss Charity's house! SO sweet! She was not sure what to think about my Lucy mask, but then she asked me if I could wear it at her lesson later in the week! HA HA HA
The inside of the Beanie Baby's tag. So creative!!!

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