Thursday, December 15, 2016

Book Review- Fatal Frost by Nancy Mehl

Fatal Frost by Nancy Mehl
I enjoyed the book and watching the main character, Mercy, come to terms with the things in her life and to see her learn to trust the Lord and let go of the things in the past. Forgiveness is so important in our lives and how we deal with others. Mercy had a hard childhood but worked hard in making a good career in law enforcement.
Reading about the drug culture and how so caught up those who deal and those who take drugs are. So very sad and real. Something that touches so many lives. Choices that some of the characters made in the book and how that impacted their lives from the choice whether it was a good choice or a bad choice helps the readers to see how the choices in our lives make a difference. 
 Nice to see the good guys win. Some of the evil that was involved with the drugs and the cartel was an eye opener. Had to keep focused on the fact that the battle is already won through Christ and he knows the outcome of all situations. This book was a good read and kept me guessing at parts with lots of suspense. This was my first time reading a Nancy Mehl book, and now I am interested to see if my local Library has any of her books! It was definitely a suspenseful book which I love, and it's always nice to read a Christian Suspense book where you don't have to worry about unnecessary junk!

Thanks to Bethany House for this free book in exchange of my honest review!

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