Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas Home Tour

I've always wanted to join in on a Christmas Home tour, and while my house might not be large and fancy, it is mine and I love it! So Enjoy and Welcome to my Home!

 For some reason I started out in the kitchen and we all know I'm too lazy to move the pictures around! This is standing in my kitchen and looking at my back door.
 I have had this stocking for almost ten years, it has always been my office stocking, and now I hang it on one of the cabinets in the kitchen. For some reason I have three stockings at my house, so I hang them around the kitchen to festive it up!
 I see this lighted Christmas tree floating around Facebook on Meme's all the time, like remember these? Remember them, I have one! Granted it was my Grandma's but I love it!
 My long kitchen counter is a hodge podge of stuff and it usually has projects/crafts on it, so I will spare you the entire shot. This side by the door has my light and a snowman cookie jar (That Holds Hershey's Nuggets with Almonds)
 The opposite end has picture frames and a small snowglobe I got as a little girl.

 My kitchen chair has a Be Merry Pillow on it, and a blanket for padding. I sit at my kitchen table and work on my computer so the seat has to be comfy!!
Past my Table and close to the living room is this shelf. The top has a pastel Mary and Joseph on a Donkey that was my Grandmothers.
And then two shelves lower I have a beautiful ceramic nativity scene complete with a little town! Also my Grandmothers. I love having things that belonged to her that I have fond memories of seeing displayed at Christmas Time!
Full shot of the shelf.
And peeking into my living room
I just love this! It's SO cozy!!!!!
You can't see this well but in my window I have clear lights strung up and they can be still or they dance to music (and you can mute the music) Since it gets dark at 2 pm here ( or so it feels like) I put them on dancing (and muted) so my evening students can find my house a little easier in the dark.

I love that you can see the reflection of the tree in the mirror at the end of the hallway!
One of my favorite ornaments is this one of my Grandmother's. She had one for each of the Grand Children, and I love being able to see her beautiful Handwriting.
When I got my own place years ago, my Mom passed on my ornaments. I have several from the year I was born! What's funny is that Audra has several of the same ornaments that I do from her childhood!
I love anything with glitter. #GlitterIsLife
Standing in the hallway looking at the tree.
I love my pillow that I got at Ollie's!!
Shelf in the corner of the living room.
A festive rug for where students take their shoes off..
And Morris the Moose greets everyone as they come inside!
Some snowmen are on the other side of the sofa table(hiding the cords)
I couldn't get a great picture of it,  but the top of the sofa table is my favorite! For years i've wanted to have a mantle type space to decorate and now I finally do! I have greenery, with clear lights, and three very delicate glass and gold glitter angels. SO pretty. So peaceful!

The bottom shelf of the sofa table struggles a bit. I cant' quite decide what to put there. I have this, but don't love it.
I do however love my sign that I got at Dollar General for 3.50!!
Hanging by the door I have this pretty picture that is actually a GIFT BAG. Yes, that's right, it's a gift bag, but it looks super fancy in person! I have received several compliments on it and people are always shocked when I tell them I got the bag for 25 cents at a rummage sale! The frame is thanks to Audra moving and cleaning out!

The bathroom got a string of colored lights, mainly so I can go in there at night and not turn the light on :)
A Joy sign by my mouthwash
And a light up snowman, that i keep forgetting to plug in! On the top shelf.
Now we enter into the Piano Studio! On the tall shelf above the piano I have an extremely breakable, white nativity set. I put a string of lights behind it, to brighten things up.

I LOVE this Nativity set!!! 
The shelf to the left of the piano is filled with Musical Christmas decorations, and some greenery.
My Grandma's Caroler's from 1982? or 1984, can't remember which.

The small shelf on the right of the Piano, beside the window has a light up church, an Angel playing the Violin ( I also play the Violin) and a replica of me playing my piano that a student made for me out of legos! 
Trying to get a picture of the studio tree was not easy. It sits in this Reindeer Thingy because I lost the base to the tree and have to prop it up with things.

The studio tree is filled with music ornaments, and the yearly ornaments I make for Christmas gifts for my students!
One of my students gave me Snoopy and Woodstock Caroling and I LOVE IT!!!! Music and Peanuts, two of my very favorite things!
This was the Studio Ornament Two years ago..
Gift from a student last year.
Not to be left out, our Studio mascot, Forte, and his trusty sidekick Pianissimo are riding along with Santa!
Forte looks a little concerned.

Beside my teaching chair, I keep my pens, hand sanitizer and all that good stuff in a red sleigh.

As well as a Snowflake blanket on the back of my chair. When I got this chair last year a student told me it looked like Mrs Claus' chair :) :) :)
The top of the piano has red lights, greenery with holly mixed in, and poinsettia's wrapped with music on burlap arrangements. Again a find from Dollar General a few years ago!

And because even the fan needs some festivity, I hung this giant snowflake ornament from the light pull.
Looking in to the Piano Studio from the Hallway

Sign on the door to the Studio
Still trying to get a decent shot of the tree... and not succeeding!

At this point I realize I forgot to take pictures of a few things in the kitchen so I head back in there.
The shelf in the kitchen has another light up church, and another light up poinsettia that is fiber optic and changes colors. it is SOOOOO pretty!!

And there you have it! Phew! It has taken me several days to finish this post, and I'm sure I missed some things, especially since I made a trip to Dollar Tree and picked up a few more items. but you'll just have to stay tuned for next year's post to see those! ;)I hope you enjoyed this small peek into my cozy home! It's not big or fancy, but it's cozy and mine, and I love it!

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