Monday, January 23, 2017


It's the end of the Third week of 2017 and I'm holding strong to my weekly wrap up blogging! WHOOO HOOO!! 

This week was a quieter week, which was great after the super busy week previously. I also didn't feel that good for the majority of this week so I was thankful to not have a lot of extra things to do/places to be.

 I started off the week with a seriously productive Monday. I love when I wake up an hour or so earlier than my alarm, because it gives me extra time to get stuff done before teaching. I like not feeling rushed! I got a lot of paperwork done, and even started on my TAXES! GO ME!!
 I also had to make a quick run to Dollar General, and found this Chocolate coffee creamer on sale! I was stoked! I love my peppermint mocha coffee creamer so I had high hopes for this. It is good, just not sure if it's my favorite. Need to test it out some more!
 That evening I had a student cancellation so I used that time to re arrange my food cabinets.  I will spare you the pictures of all of them, but I was really happy with myself! This is my baking/snack area. And yes I have approx. 9,789,343,220 rolls of Ritz crackers because my Mom bought a massive thing of them at Sams.
 After I was done teaching that evening, I changed into comfy clothes and snuggled on the couch to read a book by my new favorite author, Kristi Ann Hunter. I received one of her books to review, and loved it so much I got the other two books from the Library. I loved them as well!!
 Apparently I took zero pictures Tuesday and Wednesday. not sure what happened, but here we are on Thursday. I decided that was the day to wear a skirt for the week. I couldn't find any black tights so I have on grey ones. And realized after I took this picture I have a lot of stripes on. Thursday was a struggle. My outfit reflected that. HA!
 Normally Thursdays I eat my dinner, or rather inhale my dinner, standing up, or at my desk, since i have very little time between students. BUT one of them happened to have Strep and had cancelled their lesson, so I got to eat SITTING DOWN! And Chewing! Oh it was glorious!!! Chicken Fajitas was on the menu and it was yummmmmyyyyyyy!
 Friday I was obsessed with watching the Inauguration. I turned it on the morning when I was getting ready and the folks at NBC quickly sucked me in with all their historical facts and trivia. I literally had my tv on ALL DAY LONG with coverage going. Even when students were here, I had it on, and on mute! I watched the swearing in and then ran out to do some quick errands before teaching.
 My name is Charity and I love tomatoes and cucumbers. Yes I got three packages of tomatoes, because they were on sale for 99 cents! Had the cucumbers been on sale, I would have bought 3 or more, lets be real. 
 Back from Adli and unloaded. Watching more coverage while I eat lunch. It should also be noted that it was so warm outside that I ditched my socks and have on ballet flats. I even had my window open at one point! 60's in January in Indiana.. crazy...
 The top of my outfit for Friday.

 Friday night I did some projects around the house, like finally hanging up the new curtains my Mom made me.
 And getting beautiful Hashtag Single.
 Saturday the only picture I took was of my cucumbers and ranch snack.
 Sunday it was Church time!!!!! 
 After lunch I decided to work on a craft project, painting this metal wall art. A student gave it to me for christmas, and I am painting it Mint green, and then going to hang it on my in progress Galley Wall in my living room. Yes, I know people have been doing galley walls for like the past 10 years. I like to be late to trends.
 I did not wear flip flops to church, but I strongly considered it!!!!!
 Painting in progress!!

After crafting it was time to clean and organize my performance binder. I haven't had a concert since the Christmas season, so I had to clean out Christmas music and put my old standards and some newbies in. And of course, PRACTICE!! I played with the window open in the studio which was great!!

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