Sunday, February 26, 2017

8/52 Let the Birthday Celebrations Begin!!

 Monday we started off the week with spring like temps and one very happy piano teacher! Anytime I get to teach with the window open and have it be DELIGHTFUL outside, it's a great day! I busted out my one and only pair of capris and FLIP FLOPS!! AHHHHHHH!! THE JOY!!

 I decided to get some practice time in before my first students arrived. I love this song. And I'm still humming it 6 days later!

 Piano Selfie!


 Reppin my Northview Church Shirt! This shirt is seriously SO comfy!
 Another warm day, same pair of capri's. I LOVED being able to have the window open for the majority of this week. And it really helped when students brought their germs in!

 I'm still paranoid after the second house flood. So I sat in the studio, and painted my toes while i did a load of laundry. Just so I could see the bathroom and laundry room and notice any flooding before it got bad!

 Thursday was another warm, beautiful day! SInce I had already worn my one pair of capri's twice that week. I decided to bust out a knee length skirt. And then I was cold all day. sigh.

 I think posing with my coffee mug might be my new selfie after my birthday countdown chalkboard is done :)

 I made the best sweet potatoes of my life Thursday. And that's saying a lot since I don't even really like sweet potatoes all that much! I put them, and chicken in the crock pot, along with a packet of dry italian seasoning and sweet mercy. I am still dreaming about it! SO YUMMY!!
 Warning: Teacher is more tired than pictured! One cup of coffee didn't quite do it on Friday. I was SO tired!!
 I saw this sign at the Chiropractors and I love it!! Might have to get one for the Piano Studio!

 Nothing like starting off your birthday weekend Well Adjusted! :)
 One of the great things about being an adult is that if you want balloons for your birthday, by jove you can just buy some! So I did!!
 Friday night I was in my cozy pants, balloons flying around, and reading a good book! I Love me some Chip and JoJo!!!
 Saturday I woke up..... to snow.. I emailed my Mom this picture and said  "How Long was I asleep????!!!!!" not long enough!

 #SelfieSunday !! You wouldn't know by looking at me, but my Chronic Illness reared it's ugly head and I felt miserable for most of the day. I spent the time during church in pain, and trying my best not to throw up. Sometimes we might look fine on outside, but the inside is another story!

My Parents were here today to celebrate my Birthday. I plan on doing a full birthday recap later in the week, but here are some snippets!
 ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!
 I had to take my own picture with my Birthday Cake because someone *cough cough my Parents* were watching Quantico. In their defense I had put it on for them. They watched it on Netflix last fall and got hooked.

Despite us being eaten by my couch, this is the best selfie my Mom and I have ever taken! Isn't she gorgeous??!
Today, Sunday, February 26, is my Grandma's Birthday in Heaven. I have been missing her more than normal lately. It's hard every year at our birthday time. We always celebrated together! She is the reason for my excessive Birthday love, and I am glad I can carry that on, even though she is not here. I can only imagine the celebration she is having in Heaven! Happy Birthday Grandmama, I miss you so much!!

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