Monday, March 20, 2017


This week is REALLY light on pictures. I forgot to take pictures several days of the week and then I got sick at the end of the week. I swear. Months of no sick days and in the span of 8 days I get food poisoning and then a fever virus. I'm ready for winter to be over!

 Monday. or at least I think it was Monday, it snowed. It was pretty since I didn't have to go anywhere!
 I took these earlier in the day and it snowed more. But within a few days the snow had melted. My kind of snow!!

 I got super excited when I saw that TODAY!! Monday 20'th is FREE CONE DAY At DQ!!!!!
 Wednesday after teaching I saw my laptop and work stuff up in the studio so I could get some work done while keeping my eye on the laundry. yes I am paranoid. Have your house flood several times and see how you feel!

 My Handy Dandy New Shop Vac was ready to go. And sadly... I had to use it... See that round hole on the top? That dumb thing kept SPRAYING My face and body with water. I was NOT HAVING IT. It was not a good night in my world. And the next day my back KILLED me, from lifting 5 pounds of water over and over and over.........

 Thursday I finally remembered that I was supposed to take pictures of my days :)

 I got done teaching at 7:30 and was sooooo excited that it was still light outside!! I ran outside with my almost makeup-less face, to take pictures and managed to take a selfie in front of my trash can. #Attractive

 I headed to the front yard and took a selfie with my driveway. I mean really, I was killing it!!

I also finally figured out where to hang my He Is Risen, sign that I got from Dollar Tree! Yes, it is hanging on the side of the fridge. And looking pretty cute if  do say so myself!

And that's the end of my pictures. Overnight Thursday night into Friday I got sick and have been resting on the couch all weekend long. Now go get yourself a Free DQ Ice Cream Cone!!!!

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