Monday, March 6, 2017


So I'm doing my best to get these weekly wrap up's done on Monday each week. Today has been a DOOZY. It's 9 pm and I am just now sitting down to check email and such. So if this post isn't the most well written, you'll understand once you read next week's wrap up about today!

 In happier news we started off last week with my BIIIIRRRTTHHHDAAAYYYYY!!! And nothing says your Birthday like watching One Tree Hill and eating a piece of ice cream cake with lunch. Spoiler alert, I had a piece of Ice Cream cake every single day last week.
 The chalkboard was updated, but sadly none of my pictures with said chalkboard looked decent.

 I rocked my Be-You-Tiful shirt and a new necklace my Mom had given me.

 And then I had a little photo session in the piano room with my balloons. Because, it was my birthday. and I was alone. So why not!
 This is pretty much me in a nutshell... :)
 Normally, I try to get work done before students arrive. Mondays are paperwork day, and a lot of computer work. but, it was my birthday and I still didn't feel great from whatever was bothering me on Sunday, so i did nothing. And it was lovely. I decided to use my random 15 free minutes before a lesson to get in some reading.
 Several of my students brought me presents and it was SO sweet and thoughtful! I loved that my students signed their names and then Mommy. HA HA HA
 Inbetween lessons/early dinner involved a piece of strawberry cake.
 And then, glorious day, I did something I was SO excited about!! I started setting up my new printer!! AMEN, HALLELUJAH!! My old printer struggles. And it wasn't wireless. So everytime I would be working at my desk and think to print off a song or homework for a student I would have to cart my laptop into the studio, pull out my chair to get to the armoire to plug in my computer and so on. It was a pain! I had been saving my crowdtap gift cards to buy a new printer on amazon and mentioned it to my Mom, and she told me maybe, I should wait until after my birthday :) bless her.

I'm happy to report that setting up this bad boy was crazy easy and it is my printer dream come true!!!!!

In unrelated news, almost every student has gotten take home piano homework this week...........


 So my friend and Piano Student Sarah knows that I LOVE Hotbox Ranch. It tastes exactly like the ranch I had at college in Florida, and ate basically every day for three years.Don't get me started on their chicken tenders, I have still yet to find a match for them!  But I digress. Sarah knew she'd have a lesson on my birthday so she went to Hotbox and asked for a ton of ranch. The lady thought she was nuts, but she gave it to her and the best part ( in my opinion) she put it in a small pizza box!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA How funny is that??!!

You'll notice we have a little photobomber in the picture above. The next student wanted to get in on the action. :)

 Speaking of that next student, she brought me a present as well! And she had even written out on the bag, to and from! I love that she had issues spelling my name so she just stuck with Miss C. HA! This sweet little girl gave me one of her Minnie Mouse stuffed animals. She has such a giving heart (as do many of my students!) I just thought it was so precious and thoughtful that she knew it was my birthday and wanted to give me something.
 After I was done with lessons it was 7:30 on my birthday evening and Dog N Suds had opened that same day. So I think we all know where I went!!!!! Shockingly the police had left from directing traffic in the parking lot (yes it's THAT busy) and I only had to wait a minute or two for a slot!
 Tuesday (phew, is it only Tuesday?) Something else happened that I was super pumped about!! Addie Jane and her Momma came to visit me on their way back to Iowa! Addie's birthday is a few days before mine so we celebrated together! SO awesome!! Addie is way into baby dolls so I had got her a baby doll feeding kit, complete with the Magic milk and juice bottles. It was so cute!!
 Feeding her Baaayyyyyyybeeeeee
 We had lots of fun, playing with baby, attacking balloons, eating Strawberry cake which she LOVED. And hoping and praying (Well Addie did) that a choo choo would go by again. I have three train tracks in my backyard and with all the times Addie has been to my house she has never noticed or cared. NOT TODAY! She was all about the choo choos, and the lack of choo choos had her saying every few minutes... "Choo Choos? Choo Choos bye? Choo Choo??" all while looking like someone had died. It was pretty hilarious. Needless to say when I heard a choo choo go by I picked her up and ran like fire to the kitchen. I don't think Audra knew I could move that fast. HA! And Addie got to see a nice long choo choo. Pretty sure her little life was made right then!
 We attempted some selfie's. And Addie attempted to rid her hair of the 9'th ponytail holder her Mama had put in:)

 And then suddenly we had Donald Trump in our midst. HA!
 Our group selfie's didn't fare that well thanks to my terrible hair day and the light being BEHIND us. Oops.

I love that her thing is to stick her tounge out in pictures. It lives things up :) How cute is my Music from the Heart Sign that Audra made me for the studio????!! I love it!!!
 A closer look!!
 Wednesday was back to being productive. A Piano Teacher's life, coffee and laminating Piano Go Fish Cards.
 Wednesday night Emboz and I met up at Arni's for dinner, so I could get my free birthday pizza, and have some girl time. It was much needed!! We sat there for a long time, well after we had finished eating and it was just so nice to chat and not have to worry about the time or getting back somewhere! I also brought her, her very late Christmas/Birthday gift. And I wish I had taken a picture when she opened it!! I got her the CUTEST Cat wearing glasses watch. Which is saying a lot since I despite cats!
 We also managed to take some dang good selfies.
 You can kind of see her watch here if you zoom in!

 Thursday morning my drill was charged up and ready, and I used my level and hung my new sign in the studio! Doesn't it look so cute??!!!
 Thursday inbetween lessons I worked on my gallery wall. I love how it's coming! It still needs more but this is a start!
 Friday I finally was able to run over to Firehouse Subs and pick up my birthday sub. I had been DREAMING about that sub for weeks. And then they made it on wheat bread and i didn't realize until i got home. sadness. It still tasted good but not as much as it would have on white!!
 Lately by Fridays I am just BEAT. So I took the time inbetween lessons to sit down and actually relax for awhile while I watched The Real's Girl Chat. Love that show!!

Friday ended with a beautiful sunset and me realizing that once the time changes it will be this light at almost 8 pm!!! WAHOOOO!! There is something about getting done teaching while it's still light outside that makes me very, very happy!

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