Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Whoo Hoo!! It's Another What's up Wednesday! I don't know why but I love these posts!

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What I'm eating this week: Monday, Shoot, What Did I eat on Monday??? I had a bagel for Breakfast and for lunch?? Dinner I made a frozen pizza. Tuesday I skipped breakfast, and had a small wrap for a very late lunch. By the time I picked up my Pizza on my way home from an entertaining gig I was STARVING!!! Yes, I had pizza two days in a row! I always stop at Buck Creek Pizza on the way home from my nursing home visits! Weds, I have no clue what I'll eat, probably more pizza :) and something with cucumbers and tomatoes since i have both right now!

What I'm reminiscing about: Ummm... Nothing that I can think of??

What I'm Loving: Pizza. :) Not having to wear socks. Documentaries. Quiet evenings without the TV on. Being able to wash clothes at my house in a washer, and not in the kitchen sink. (Oh yeah, THAT'S been going on!) And the 1.61 a gallon gas I tanked up on today!!!

What I've been up to: I have been SO busy!! Two more days of extra apts and then I can finally slow down a little bit! Think Allergy shots, Dr Apts, Dentist Apts, Friends having surgery, House Issues, and the list goes on and on......

What I'm dreading: Weds afternoon I go back to the Dentist and I'm not overly thrilled about that.

What I'm working on: This blog post so I don't have to try and remember to do it tomorrow!! Cleaning my house, I feel like it's so cluttery right now! And getting ready for Easter.

What I'm excited about: I'm excited for 3 pm on Friday because I will be done with lessons for the day and week! I'm usually not done until 5 pm, which is early for me, but thanks to Spring Break I'll be done at 3 and I am about beside myself with excitement! What is it about free time in the middle of the day that feels SO good!

What I'm listening to: My fridge running. It's been a busy and noisy day, silence is my friend!

What I'm watching/reading: I caught up on Designated Survivor this weekend, now I need to do the same with Scandal and Greys. Both just haven't caught my attention this season. I've been loving 20/20 and Barbara Walters I.D. series finally went up on hulu. As for reading, I am trying out a new to me author, Colleen Coble, and also downloaded some new books from the library last night! Now if I could find time to read them, that would be great!

What I'm Wearing: Today I wore leggings and a tunic length top, along with a cardigan, and sandals. The sandals looked a little dorky with the leggings but it's pretty warm at the Nursing home, and playing the Piano for an hour straight warms me up as well, so I wore sandals so My feet could breathe. Is that weird? It sounds weird when I type it, but oh well!! Monday I wore jeggings and another tunic length top with a cardigan. Weds I'm switching it up and will wear jeans, with my fake converse, and I'm not sure yet what top I will wear.

What I'm doing this weekend: Well Friday afternoon will be my day of fun. Which will probably involve doing some computer work. HA! Maybe some afternoon reading! My parents will be in town so they will come by at some point to look at my old washer. Church on Sunday and thats all the plans I have and want!

What I'm looking forward to next month: I'm so excited about Easter! I am hosting again this year. I have found that I really enjoy hosting dinners and such at my home! Easter is turning into "My Holiday" to have here and I love that! With a small family, just me and my parents when my brother and his crew aren't here. It can be kind of dull. So last Easter I started the tradition of inviting some friends that don't have family here. One of them is an adult student of mine, and she and her sister actually joined us for Thanksgiving as well! She is coming to Easter as well as her BF, (he came last year also) and I also invited another adult student, who is from China! He's really interested to see what an American Holiday is like, so it's fun to see it through someone else's eyes!  Since we have such a small family it's really fun to be able to invite people in and share a holiday with them! Spread the Love People!!!

What else is new: I'm not even sure at this point! The sleep I finally got this weekend has since went away. And it's only Tuesday, so that's not a great sign. OH! WAIT! I finally have something new!! Well it's not here yet but it's noteworthy!!! I had some amazon giftcards burning a hole in my pocket, so earlier today after much research, I finally (HA I say finally, I just got this idea the other day!) but FINALLY ordered a fitness tracker watch from amazon! Let me tell you, it was a bit of a challenge to find one that would work with my Windows phone. But I finally did, and then realized there was a reason it looked so familiar, Emboz has it too! I'm so pumped for it to get here and test it out! It tracks your sleep as well which might be my favorite part! I have sleep issues, so I'm really interested what it's going to show with my sleep cycles and patterns. Stay Tuned!!!! Also, I can't wait to see what it says when I play the Piano :)

Also I would just like to say that it's 9:54 pm on Tuesday night and I have actually finished this post and am scheduling it for the morning! WOOT! GO ME!! First time for everything!

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