Monday, April 24, 2017


 Monday started off the week with Beautiful weather!!!!!!! I wore a cardigan over my sleeveless shirt but I could have went without it, it was that warm! Sidenote, I love figuring out different clothes combinations in my own closet. I wear this cardigan frequently but I've never worn it with this shirt before. I'm excited for a new outfit!!
 Any day that I get to teach with the window open is a great day for me!!!!
 In between lessons I spent some time taking pictures and videos of my hand positions for a student who needed help. Technology is fabulous!
 Mom brought me some of the super yummy mini sausages on easter so I made some on Monday evening. SO GOOD!!!

 Monday night after I was done teaching I ran to my second home, Dollar General. I'm pretty sure I was there THREE times this week. This was the first of the three trips. In my defense they are killing it with the coupons lately. Each week i've been getting a 2 off of 10 Monday/Tuesday coupon, and then if you take the survey on your receipt you get a 3 off of 15 and there is no limit on those coupons! Hence why I keep going back. Have to use a fresh coupon :)
 After I got back it was still light outside and I had been inside teaching all day, so I decided to sit outside on my porch swing for a little bit and soak up the glorious weather.

 My porch swing backs up to my house, but looks out across my big backyard. it is so peaceful! I lasted maybe 15 mins before the bugs started biting me.

 Tuesday I had to wait on my neighbor to quit mowing and the air to clear (Allergic to Grass) before I could go outside and plant all of my flower seeds. I planted I think 5 different kinds of flowers, and I'm excited and hopeful that they will grow.
 All of these have flowers planted, as well as a hanging basket, and flowers planted in my front yard that I didn't take a picture of.
 My look for outside work. Tank top, pigtails, and a hat to shield my face. Trust me, you don't want to see my makeup-less face!
 After I got done weeding and planting I had some relaxing time on my porch swing! It was awesome! I had to force myself to go inside.
 And I also read a little bit of this new book I received to review.
 Wednesday I was really feelin myself with my straight hair. Since I showered and washed my hair in the evening on Tuesday, I didn't feel like washing it again on Weds. #Lazy.  Thankfully I always put my hair up into a tight bun, or pigtails when I shower at night, so it wasn't full on curly.

 I felt Sassy!!!! Sassy and Tan according to Audra! :)

Wednesday evening something so sad happened! I was washing my face that evening and then tried to sync my fitness tracker to see where I was at for the day. Only it wouldn't sync or light up at all. Somehow water had gotten into the back of it, got the battery wet, and the insides of my tracker! ACK! I was beyond upset, and emailed amazon and the customer support of Misfit. Within 30 mins Misfit had emailed me back with questions about it, and when I got up the next morning, Misfit had sent me a form to fill out ( a super short, fast one) to get a replacement tracker! I was really impressed with their customer service! My tracker should be here soon, so I'm excited to get back to tracker every waking and sleeping movement :)

 Thursday the only picture I took was of my breakfast. Because it's rare for me to actually make a breakfast like this. Usually it's just toast, or a bagel.

 Friday I was up an hour earlier than normal, in order to meet a prospective student at the Igloo. I treated myself to a Vanilla Marshmallow Coke while I was there.  We met around lunch time and I was getting SO hungry by the time we left. I had to go home and teach a lesson, and as soon as I was done I ran out to McDonalds for some fries. It seemed like everyone at The Igloo was having fries and I wanted some SO bad! And yes, I washed my cardigan since I had worn it on Monday.

I got home and I had a package from Amazon. Please note the size of this box.

 And this was what I ordered.
 Had to take a picture of my arm candy. Sporting my bracelet that Auds gave me for my birthday! Even my prospective student that I met commented on it! :)

 After I got back from McD's my Mom had just pulled up at my house. She was stopping by while she was in town and brought me tons of Lilacs that she cut from home. She has the lilac bush that was my Grandmother's (replanted). I LOVE the smell of Lilacs! I put a vase in every room! Living room above.
 Piano Room, right behind my teaching chair! (I moved this to the living room after I was done with lessons for the week)
 And my kitchen, on my table.
 Where I'm currently sitting working on this post, and breathing in the fresh scent of lilacs! Ahh, happiness!!
 On one of my DG trips this week I picked up a new notebook for myself. I love that it has a magnetic thing in it that automatically closes.
How pretty are the sheets inside? I've been needing a notebook to take to church with me to take notes on. And then we got special booklets for our new series. But I will still use this for church after our month long series. I also take notes about students, lists, oh i love a good list!

I got colored pens to go along with it and was downright gleeful.

The rest of the weekend was spent on my couch relaxing. I started feeling crazy tired Friday night, and wasn't sure if I was fighting off something or getting sick, so I rested a lot. Thankful that it happened on the weekend when I could be lazy. 

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