Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What's Up Wednesday... Wait for it....

I live for April 25'th, the Perfect Day (Miss Congeniality!) and the end of April when my FB is flooded with JT. #NYSNCFOREVER

What I'm Eating this week: Monday I cooked two chicken breasts in the crock pot and then had chicken tacos for lunch. For dinner I used some of the shredded up chicken and put it on a salad and it was DELICIOUS!!! Tuesday night I made Momfessionals Bubble Up Pizza Casserole and Oh my goodness!! It was SOOOOOO YUMMY!!!!!!! Wednesday was leftovers and grilled ham tomato swiss sandwiches for dinner.

What I'm Reminiscing about: Nothing that I can think of.

What I'm Loving: Almay's Two In One Foundation and Self Tanner!! I received two bottles of it from Crowdtap for a sample mission and fell in love with it! It doesn't smell, and it's really the best long lasting foundation I have ever used! And that includes high end! The fact that it gives my pale face a tan, while keeping me safe from the rays of the sun is just an added bonus.

What I've been up to: Work, Work, More work, and trying to Spring Clean my house and yard.

What I'm dreading: At this point( Weds night) the rest of the week. It has been a rough one!  Lord, let it be Friday!!

What I'm working on: Figuring out my Summer Schedule! And figuring out where each student will go. I have made woefully little progress on this for it being the end of April. I'm hoping within the next week, or two at the most, I can get people nailed down for time slots.

What I'm excited about: I decided that I'm going to take Fridays off in the summer! It will be worth it to squish everyone earlier in the week. I have already started a fun things to do in the summer list!

What I'm Watching/Reading: I'm still working my way though Greys Anatomy from start to finish. George is going to die soon, and I'm already sad about it! As for reading I received two new books to review so I am working on them, BUT I downloaded "The Dressmaker" not sure of the author, from my library and it's about a girl who goes on the Titanic and survives. Y'all. I'm OBSESSED with the titanic. I have been probably since high school. I did college speeches on the titanic, I watch documentaries on the titanic, I love audio books on the titanic (Check out a Night to Remember!) I'm all about the titanic!

What I'm Listening to: Right now, the sounds of a fan, and Greys Anatomy.

What I'm Wearing: I haven't changed into my pj's yet, so I'm still sporting the sundress that I wore Weds. It was HOT today!!

What I'm doing this weekend: It's My Team's month to serve on the extra Sunday, so I am serving at church this weekend as well! I really like serving at church, it's fun! So I'm excited for that, and I'm excited for a rainy saturday of rest.

What I'm looking forward to next month: ALLLLLL the Garage Sales!! My Mom and I have several that we go to together each Summer, and May has the first, and the best one! I cannot wait! It's so fun and we always find a lot of steals and things we can't live without. Watch for me to buy pillows. Decorative Pillows at Garage Sales are my Kryptonite. My Mom's? Baskets.

What else is new: Well I am waiting for my Misfit Fitness tracker replacement to arrive. Last week at this time it got water in the back of it and died. Thankfully the people at Misfit are amazing with their customer service! SO I am anxiously awaiting my new one to arrive!

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