Monday, May 15, 2017


 Another week down and it seems to be Officially Summer around here. I had to turn my a/c on today because I was HOT!! but let's back up to last week shall we? Monday evening I got done with lessons and after going to the library I came back home and walked some laps in my backyard. I am too chicken to walk alone around my neighborhood. (Someone might kidnap me!!) And I have a large back yard, so I put my ear buds in and walked away!!
 It was beautiful and I forgot about how hilly my backyard is, so my legs got a workout!
 After I walked a few songs I did my own version of yoga? pilates? I don't know. I can just tell you my legs were burning!
 Monday was a happy mail day because one of my VERY FAVORITE authors, has a new book in her series and it arrived for me to review! Not going to lie I finished it in less than 24 hours and it was 400 some pages long. Stay tuned for a review!!
 Weds my eyes were super itchy, and I just had to go with glasses all day. Nerdy, but comfortable.
 By the end of the day I was feeling cranky, so I heated up an already made cupcake, added some ice cream, and suddenly life was worth living yet again.

 Thursday I did a day in the life blog post, stay tuned for that as well! And the morning started off with a fire truck and ambulance at my neighbors house two doors down. And since I have nephews I would have taken pictures even if I wasn't doing a day in the life post!
 The contacts were back in and it was cooler again. Crazy weather! Here I am right before teaching two Skype lessons back to back.
 Thursdays are really busy and long. and after I got done teaching, I was tired, and kind of cranky again. I hadn't been outside all day and I just wanted some fresh air!! So once again I headed out to my backyard to listen to some music and walk some laps.
 Friday it was GORGEOUS!! Windows open, shorts and flip flops on gorgeous!! I had to add some color my outfit for the day.
 All day Friday I was counting down the hours until I was done with work and could go outside! Last Summer I started going out to my backyard on Friday nights, reading magazines, listening to music, or silence, and just un plugging and relaxing. I have really missed it since last summer so I was super excited for my first Friday night of relaxation for the year!!

 Alas I was not even half way through people magazine when someone started mowing. #Why !!

For those who don't know I am VERY Allergic to Grass. So at the sound of a mower if I am outside, I need to go inside immediately, and make sure my windows are closed so I don't breathe it in. Epi Pens are Expensive and I would prefer to not have to use mine any time soon!
 So I went inside and read and puttered about. Around 7:30 I decided I couldn't LIVE without Sour Patch kids. I got some free at Payless a few weeks ago and ever since I am all about the sour patch kids. I grabbed my purse and phone to make a quick run to DG and what do I find in my backyard? A Duck.
 I don't have water in my backyard. There is no water in my neighborhood. No water anywhere. First time seeing a Duck in my backyard but given that my backyard seems to be the wild kingdom not a huge shock.
 After my ever so important trip for SPK, I came home and was shocked at the growth of my hostas! They are growing like crazy!! And I never have to water them so this is great!!!

 Sunday was the Second Sunday of the month and that means #ServingSunday for me! I LOVE Serving Sundays! I always have so much fun!
 Church was great as usual, and then afterwards I got a workout on my legs. They had a Mother's Day Photo Area Set Up, and I thought we needed a Photographer for all the families so I volunteered. For 35 mins straight I did squats. I would stand up and take pictures of the families, and then I would squat down and take more, stand up, rinse and repeat. It was a LOT of fun!! I even played Peek a Boo with several babies to get them to smile. #AuntieSkills I thought afterwards if I ever need a change in my profession, I should take pictures of kids :) Anyways, I had a blast and was really glad I wore my maxi skirt for my squats. HA! When I got done, and started walking away my legs felt like Jello. Which maybe means I should do more squats??!
 As I was leaving for church, I happened to exit my house through the back door and squealed in glee to find out my Peony had bloomed!! I had to stop and take several pictures because with my wild kingdow backyard, you never know how long a flower/plant will be there before an animal eats it. Grrr...
 This was my Grandma's Peony Bush so it was sweet that it bloomed on Mother's Day.

 After church I took my jello legs to Walmart, which I don't even remember the last time i was in a walmart, but boy did they have some cute clothes!! I always find stuff when it's not in the budget to buy it on that trip. Sadness. So I snapped some pics to remind myself of what I wanted!
 I need a new bathing suit and i thought this was so pretty and colorful!!
And this little skirt do-dad for the bottom!!

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