Sunday, May 28, 2017

Book Review: What Hope Remembers by Johnnie Alexander

Well it's Officially Summer Reading Program time, so I will be reading like a doggone fool until July 31'st, in hopes of winning more awesome prizes from my Library again this year!

Today we're going to talk about What Hope Remembers, by Johnnie Alexander. This is Book Three in her "Misty Willows" series, and while I have not read any of the previous books (or any of her other books!) I found that I was able to follow along easily without reading the previous books. She did a good job of introducing the characters that had already been in the books,And summarizing it quickly and easily, which I liked!

I did think that the pace of the book was kind of slow. It took me awhile to really get into it, and sink my teeth it. I would have liked things to move along quicker, and perhaps have less descriptive parts, and less of the characters thinking in their heads, between dialogue. 

I did like that she wrote characters that were flawed, and actually had real world problems! I love to read as an escape but I also like to read to learn things, and to see how people react with different problems. Because we all know everyone has issues! So it was refreshing to read a book with very layered characters, that were like real world people, with real world issues. 

I really appreciated how she tackled the fact that the Female Character, Amy Somers, has made mistakes in her past and feels like that she isn't deserving of happiness, and that it will never come to her. And on the same end, that the Male Character, Gabe Kendall struggles with shame from his past. That's something I can really identify with, and I appreciated someone writing a character that is true to life! Also, the conversations Gabe has with his Aunt Tess....... It will give you alllllllll the feels. 

All in all, I liked this book, and am looking forward to reading more of Johnnie Alexander's Books!

Thanks to Revell for Providing me with a free copy in exchange for my Honest Opinion!

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