Monday, June 19, 2017


Apparently I missed the memo on picture taking this week. Not quite sure what my problem was, but here's hoping I can remember the past week without much documentation!!

Monday it was Hot. Oh was it HOT! Hot doesn't even seem like a strong enough word for it. I was inside teaching all day with the ac on blast and I swear it was still humid, sticky and sweaty. Blech. I spent my day in this chair with said clipboard teaching away.

 I walked by my wall and did a double take. My littlest nephew looks SO much like me as a child! Our baby pictures are almost identical, and I think we really look alike as toddlers as well. I sent this pic to my Mom to compare, and she said we looked a lot alike, minus the look of terror on Lovemuffin's face. HA!

 Weds was the day I had been looking forward to since July 31, 2016, other wise known as my last free massage. A place in town does free massages during the summer so students can get in their clinical hours. And you had better believe I hopped on that wagon!! My first massage was AMAZING and I so excited to get to have a weekly massage! Oh Summer, How I love thee!!

 I've been trying to take more time to practice and play for fun. It can be hard since I teach all day, sometimes when I'm done I just want silence! But I'm trying to carve out some time here and there to play, and learn some new songs. I actually snapped a pic of the wrong sheet music, but I'm learning All of my by John Legend and I basically hum it

 By the time my next to last student arrives on Thursdays this teacher is Tired!! I've found myself the past two weeks putting my feet up on my spare Piano Stool, and it's super comfy. 
 Friday was my day off. YAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAY!!!! Have I mentioned how much I'm loving having Fridays off in the Summer???! BECAUSE I AM!!! IT'S GLORIOUS!!!!!! On this particular Friday my Mom came by and did some planting of veggies, and then weeded, because she's awesome and I was sneezing just thinking about it. The back half of my yard is no joke in the allergy dept.  While she was finishing up I hopped in the shower to wash the dirt and pollen off, and then I had a phone date/Duggar Wedding Viewing with Auds! When she lived here we would always have a dinner date and then viewing party to watch any Duggar Weddings that were on tv. And we knew when she moved we wanted to continue that, so we just got creative! I have to say the show was MUCH more entertaining with our witty commentary.  Girl talk and reality tv viewing with a sweet friend is so good for the soul!!!!!

After that it was raining and storming, and I curled up on my couch and watched tv and read on Friday evening. So relaxing!

Saturday, I have no pictures from. Imagine a Lazy Bum who slept in after not falling asleep until almost 2 am.
 Sunday I was up early. WAY early. Like I could have almost went to the early service early. I don't know why, or how to stop it, but I keep waking up an hour to almost two hours earlier than I need to. My alarm goes off at 7 am on Sundays, and this morning I was awake before 5:30. WHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.... I was putting my makeup on at the time I would have normally been crawling out of bed. #Painful  I was ready for church an entire hour early, and needless to say I made a second cup of coffee and took it with me.  

Also, this is hilarious to me. Look at my face in the above picture. See how white and pale I am? I put on SELF TANNER Saturday night. And this is the "Tan" I got. One shade above Casper.

After a great church service, where I cried more than once, I  decided to make a quick run to Aldi's before heading home. I'm standing in the check out line behind someone, and they finally finish checking out. I get up to the register and the guy says to me " Hello Ma'am! So you shop at this Aldi as well??!!"  Apparently I am either really memorable or I shop at Aldi way toooo much. I'm not sure which one I am hoping for.

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