Wednesday, June 28, 2017


 Last Monday, and really any Monday, can be summed up with the first two pictures. 1. Me in my Teaching Chair.
 And 2. A Student at the Piano. (Please ignore her terrible posture :) )

 And after I got done Monday, where did I head? Dollar General of course! I have no idea what I so desperately needed, but I'm sure it was life or death.

 Tuesday some storms rolled through and I thought the sky was so pretty!!
 Annnnd my pictures are all out of order again. ARGH!! Thursday I ended my work week with a lovely adjustment at the chiropractor. Which I promptly threw my back out again after heading to Salvation army and digging through the racks for an hour afterwards. not great planning on my part!!
 Thursday I also had the surprise of a Trio at the Piano!! I love those kinds of Surprises!!
 Wednesday evening I moved some furniture around in my living room. I had a tall bookshelf in the corner, but I found myself frequently sitting on that side of the couch stretched out reading, and there not being enough light. So I moved the bookshelf out, got a side table out of my shed, cleaned it off, and put my Grandma's fancy light in the corner. And I love it!! I also sit on the edge of that couch to take all my selfie's with the natural light, and I"m still getting used to there being a large lamp there now!
 I received this new to me author's book in the mail last week to review and finished it within two days! It was SO good!!! I may or may not have already read several more of her books and gotten some from the Library the same day I'm typing up this blog post...
On Wednesdays..... We get free massages at Ivy's Summer Massage Clinic!!!

 OH look! Suddenly it's Rainy Tuesday again! ;)
 As I mentioned, I went to Salvation Army Thursday evening. Since Thursday is really the only day I get done early, in the afternoon. I've been trying to take advantage of my freedom and get out and do something, and get my steps in for the day! This week it was Salvation Army. And I found some good stuff! Like these Lane Bryant Jeans for 5.99!!!! They were basically brand new. I almost didn't buy them since it's June and hotter than the dickens, but days later I was glad I did since we had a weird cold spell and I actually wore them!!
 Thursday night I treated myself to some pampering, a face mask! I love face masks. Although I was laughing at this one, apparently my nose didn't need whatever benefit it was giving my skin???
 Friday it rained most of the day, and then the sun came out, just in time for my Dad to drop my Mom off. She graciously mowed for me, since my lawn girl was on vacation. As I have mentioned here before, I have terrible Allergies, and grass is something I am highly allergic to. Even with my allergy shots, I still cannot mow my own lawn. Or even be outside after someone has mowed. 
 I made the mistake of opening the door to try and get this picture as my Mom had made a cross in the grass! Later it turned into an H and then a Hashtag! I thought she was SUPER FANCY. When she came inside later I was all like, wow! I didn't know you liked to make all those designs in the grass! And then she was like what? I was just mowing squares. It made it so much easier! HA! We had a good laugh over that one! Anyways, I made the mistake of opening the door just for a minute or two to try and get a picture of her Cross, and I breathed in the grass allergens (and almost gagged, gross!!) and found myself as a Snuffleupagus for the rest of the weekend. That night I woke up with a terrible coughing fit, that stayed with me the entire weekend. To the point where I had to leave the sanctuary during singing at church to go out and hack up a lung. Finally with two cough drops in m I managed to re join the service. All that to say, just breathing it in for a minute or two had that effect on me. 
 I originally went to Salvation Army in search of a basket either for my coffee table, or to put books in on the bottom shelf of my end table. I have children's books for my students and waiting siblings to read, that were on the bookshelves, I had to pick and choose what to put on the end table since i had significantly less room. I ended up using the basket I had on my coffee table with magazines for the Mom's, to put books in, and then I got this basket, painted it, and put it on my coffee table with magazines in it. I loved the way it turned out!
 I rarely watch movies. I can binge watch an entire season almost without moving from the couch but I get squirmy during a movie. Well not last weekend. I watched 4 Movies! Two Weeks Notice, While you were Sleeping ( I was on a Sandra Bullock kick apparently )  Doris, and Gone with the Wind. It was the first time I've seen Gone with the Wind in Color!
 Sunday dawned bright and cool! I don't think it got above 70 degrees all day. Itw as 64!! when I headed to church! Coughing fit not withstanding it was a great church service! Afterwards I ran some errands on the West Side and then came home to clean and have lunch.
 New basket filled and ready to go!
 I also cleaned and organized my silverware drawer and then was so pleased with it I took pictures, emailed them to my Mom, and am now posting them on my blog. Clearly my life is non stop thrills!!
I got a lot done Sunday afternoon and also managed to read this entire book! It was my second book by this author and I loved it!!!!!!! I love discovering new to me authors, especially when they have written a lot of books already. Just like binge watching, I binge read :)

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