Thursday, July 27, 2017


 Wellllll...... another less than stellar week to recap!  Last week I was still very sick with my ear. I took Monday off of work and spent it on the couch, half deaf, alertnating between hot and cold. I have been running a low grade fever now for 13 days. Yes, as I write this on the 27'th I am STILL sick. thankfully less sick than I was, but still. No pictures from Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I was back to work, still half deaf. I went to my Dr's that afternoon, and he confirmed that I needed to see my ENT asap. My Swimmer's Ear was better, but now my ear drum is super red. He attempted to call my ENT and they were closed for the day. I had been calling since MONDAY and never got a live person or a return call. Finally, on FRIDAY, I found out they were on vacation. Way to have a vacation voicemail...... I was very frustrated at that point.
 After seeing Dr C, coming home and teaching another lesson, I went to go pick up my new antibiotic and ear drops antibiotic/steroid. Thankfully they seem to be helping more, but what I would give to fully hear out of my left ear.
 I was feeling rather sorry for myself, so I treated myself to a chocolate cone from DQ. It helped a bit.
 My view.....
 This picture is basically me for half of the week. Laying on my side with my ear drops in. Good times!

 I love when I have the lower light on, brings me back to my childhood, sleeping over at my Grandma and Grandpa's, laying on the living room floor with this lamp as my nightlight. Watching 20/20 with Grandpa, and then listening to the both of them snore. Goodness, I miss them!! Just writing that makes me get a little teary, but in a good way. I was SO loved by them, and I'm so grateful for that.
 Saturday afternoon I came out of my haze and noticed that sometime during the night my tree had a big limb break off. 
 Since I have been sick my appetitte has been hit and miss. A lot of the time i'm just not hungry at all. And then I will get a strong craving for something weird and just want that. I was reading the Payless ad and they had a one day sale on Saturday, Cheerios for 99 cents. I don't know the last time I ate cheerios but for some reason it sounded like the MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER. So I decided I *had* to take advantage of the sale and get some. I took a shower and actually slapped on a little makeup and my contacts, and set off for Payless. We'll ignore the fact that I look bald. It was either makeup or hair, I didn't have the energy for both. So slicked back hair in pigtails it was!

The funny thing is, I got the cheerios and a few other things and then was tired when I got home and not hungry. It is almost a week late and I have not eaten any cheerios! But two boxes are waiting in my cabinet :)
 I won a Piano Teacher givewaway on Facebook and the company is in England! I was super stoked to get an International Package! SO FUN!!
 And how CUTE is the package??!!
 Prettiest flash card holder I've ever seen!

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