Tuesday, August 8, 2017


 I Have no Memory of what happened Monday, but apparently I was happy and having a good hair day!
 Over the weekend I had painted a wood frame to match the colors of my gallery wall. One of my favorite pictures of Apes and I at her wedding!

 Tuesday I was NOT THRILLED to be up super early for my ENT apt. But I will say my hair was looking really good! I knew I wasn't going to have a lot of time, so I straightened it the night before to save time on washing, drying and styling the next morning. It worked!  I look way more awake than I felt at that point.
 I had to wait in the waiting room for a bit and then in the exam room, and I don't know what my BP was but I'm sure it was WAY up there. I was SO nervous! I thought for sure that my left ear tube was out of my ear drum and that my Dr would take it out and put a new one in. I had tried to mentally prepare myself for the horrible pain of the burning acid numbing drops. but much to my shock my Dr told me my tube was still in my ear drum and functioning! I was SHOCKED! But quite thrilled to not have pain! He gave me more ear drops and said that it looked like my infection was clearing up (Three weeks later, literally) and that if it didn't to call him in a few days and he would call in some oral antibiotics. I had the thought that I should just get them then to have them in case, but I dismissed that thought. Bad Decision. The following Monday I could tell my ear was getting worse so I called like he told me to and he is ON VACATION AGAIN. He just got back from vacation and now he is gone for another two weeks. I mean. I just can't. Thankfully after telling my story to my new PCP he was able to call some in for me, but sheesh. Annoying.
 Over the weekend I got painting happy. I had two lamps with this shade and I hate orange so I decided to paint them. One I did a neutral tan color and the other a light blue. They turned out really pretty!
 I have been on a mission to find a great chocolate cake and chocolate icing recipe lately. So I've been baking one, once a week. My student/friend Sarah #1 has greatly benefited from this, as every week when she comes for her lesson I give her cake. I finally found the perfect recipe, and it is nothing short of delicious! Momfessionals Texas Sheet Cake for the Win!!
 Wednesday I got Victoria Bylin's newest book in the mail to read and review. I read it this weekend and it was so good! Review coming soon!
 My little cucumber plant has one cucumber on it. Growing slooooowwwlllyyyy..

 The finished result of one of the lamps!

 Thursday I sported my favorite dress/shirt from DG and leggings of course
 The result of the second lamp I painted!
 Sunday it was CHILLY. It was 60 some degrees in August, in Indiana. Super weird!! I wore a long sleeved shirt and pants and could have added a scarf to it and been ok. This summer the sanctuary at church has been really cold, which I would rather be cold than hot, but I'm learning to wear extra layers to church!
 Straight hair made an appearance for the second time in one week. didn't look as good this time, but oh well! That is what I get for having straight hair when it is rainy!!
 We had the Bible presenting to incoming Second Graders at church that morning. Despite not knowing any of the kids or parents I still got a little emotional. Love my church!!
 I ran a few errands after church and got some Arby's for lunch. Tried to take a picture outside and this is the best I got. HA HA HA.. Wasn't sunny enough for my sunglasses but obviously bright enough to squint. #Attractive
 Saw this shirt on fb and think I need it. 
As well as this one. :) 

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