Monday, August 2, 2010

April's Wedding- South Bend Chocolate Company!

We got back on the road and headed towards South Bend. Katie travels there a lot for work and was very excited to introduce me to the South Bend Chocolate Company. It has become my new favorite place on earth.

South Bend has a really cute downtown. I wished we had more time to walk around and see everything; it was a beautiful night and just a really cool little place!!

We made our way to the store stopping to get pictures with two hot men I met.

I’m pretty sure one, if not both is going to propose soon.

We made our way inside with me snapping pictures, I am such a tourist. Someone yelled out behind the counter, HEY! NO PICTURES ALLOWED!!! Scared the crap out of me. It’s not like I was taking a picture of their super secret chocolate recipe, I was taking a picture of the flowers hanging from the ceiling. Then he started laughing hysterically, apparently at the shocked look on my face. Funny dude, reaalllll funny!!!

Look at the size of that cake!!! I was drooling but also wondering how on earth someone would eat that???!!

There were sooo many goodies there it was a bit overwhelming. Cakes and chocolate, and fudge, and chocolate and chocolate and chocolate! I think I would have moved in there if they had let me!!
Katie was bound and determined to treat me to a life altering Hot Chocolate. And boy howdy was she right! That was the BEST hot chocolate that has ever passed my lips! It literally tasted like drinking a hot Hershey bar. In a word, HEAVEN. Katie was SUPER excited about hers, as was I, (even after it burnt my toungue)

I ended up with a turtle the size of the palm of my hand. It took three days to eat all of it!!
After the glorious-ness of South Bend Chocolate Company we got back on the road and headed towards Michigan and our hotel.
Coming up- I almost "assualt" someone at the hotel.... Darn that Leroy!

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