Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ladies who Lunch- August Style!

Last Friday I met Emboz and the bump for our August Ladies who Lunch! We met at Christos and it was mm mmm yummy! Look how TINY Emboz is!! She is 7 mos preggo!! You totally can't tell from the back, except when she walks :) So cute!!
You can't even tell with her sitting down at a booth either! Disgusting!

The waitress came by to take our drink orders and asked where the third person was. We're like what third person? and she said she swore there were three of us! I said, well there are if you count the baby in her tummy!! She just looked at me. I tell you no one gets my wit!

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Priscila said...

LOL..that's funny..BTW...LOVING your new page!!! =)