Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I had the best day :)

Well as you might know my sweet nephew arrived EARLY this morning! So I pretty much had the best day ever and I want to blog about it so I don't forget everything!

I woke up on not alot of sleep today. I was still awake at 1 am and woke up around 6 am and drifted in and out of sleep. Needless to say when my alarm went off I was less than thrilled. Nonetheless I got up and started my morning routine.

I sat down at my computer at 8:20 and was shocked to see I had 26 emails! Sadly none of them were important or from actual people, so I cleared them out and hopped over to FB to check what was going on.

While I was scrolling down the feed reading what happened overnight I just happened to glance over at my email tab and I noticed it said I had 2 new emails. I thought that was pretty weird since less than 5 mins before I had cleared them out. So I decided to see what I had. Probably more junk mail I thought.

I clicked over to my mail tab and saw I had an email from my bro and sil with the subject line Arrived. I was very confused because thats what they say when they are travelling, so I started to think Arrived, where they heck are they going she's about to give birth! And then I opened the email and immediately saw that my NEPHEW had arrived!

At this point I should probably apologize to everyone in my apt complex because I think my screaming might have possibly woken them up!

I screamed and said oh my goodness oh my goodness several times as I read the email! I was beyond excited! And then when I realized they had given him our beloved Grandpa's name as his middle name. oh man. I about lost it.

I read the email probably 5 or 6 times and then for some unknown reason i jumped off the couch and started pacing in circles waving my hands in the air! Those of you who have seen me really excited know the hand waving I am speaking of :)

I paced for a few minutes about to have a spastic attack and then I realized I had to call people! I had just talked to Katie before bed about him coming soon so I called her first.

Well, I tried to call her first.

I was so excited that my hands were shaking and instead of hitting the dial button on my cell i kept hitting the red X that hangs up. Yes I did that 5 times getting more and more frustrated with each time untill I finally figured out what my problem was!

So I FINALLY get Katie on the phone, she answers and says Whats Wrong??!! And I couldn't speak! I couldn't get anything out! SO I started LAUGHING!! to which she replies, Charity? ARE YOU OK??????!!! I finally managed to get out he's here or something of that sort i don't remember it was all a blur, and then she realized what I was talking about and we squealed together!!

Next was Kim which thankfully I had better luck dialing this time, I think I woke her up she sounded SLIGHTLY asleep !:)

As I was talking to Kim I suddenly realized um I need to go to work! SO I throw boots on with my outfit, which totally didn't match. Oh well.

And I try to leave but my hands are still shaking and I'm all aflutter, In A State as my Mom would say, anyways I couldn't get my door unlocked!!!!!! I know, sad.... I finally did get it unlocked and made it to work calling Caca along the way.

I get to work and I am just so excited to tell someone IN PERSON that he's here!!

SO I walk into the building and first thing I see is my Boss at the Reception desk, so I run over and am struck dumb speechless again. So I just stand beside her grinning like a fool. A fool on crack or something. The look she gave me, hahahah bless her heart, she finally said, Um, Charity? Are you ok? And I managed to get out that I was an Aunt! That was pretty cool she was the first I told after Apes when we found out he was coming, so she was pretty excited!

I hustled up to the second floor and practically ran down the hallway to my office, I BUST into my office, and I mean BUST into, run into the middle area and wave my arms around like a mad fool!! I don't remember what I said, I have news or guess what or something like that. I just remember Apes, Sheryl, a faculty member, and a student that thankfully knows me, all sitting there looking at me like I was crazy! Thankfully I wasn't struck dumb this time but I was struck with the extremely high pitched voice that happens when I'm excited, accompanied again by the arm waving. Which also came back when I finally got pictures this afternoon!

It was an exciting morning to say the least. I said it on FB but its true. The day Kev and Liz got married was probably the happiest day in my life seeing my big brother, my best friend who I had grown up with and still am super close getting married was amazing, but the joy I feel today with Benjamin's birth is even way beyond that. Words cant even express how happy I am for them and that he's here!

I can't wait to be an Auntie! I didn't have a good example growing up and really don't have any Aunts that have anything to do with me now, so I am praying that I can be the great, Godly Auntie for my little snugglemuffin that I have always wanted.

Best. Day. Ever.

Thank you Jesus!

For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition that I made to him.
1 Samuel 1:27

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