Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ladies who Lunch- Pink Weds Style!

Today was my monthly lunch with Emboz and now Madi!!
I was excited to see them both but apparently Madi didn't share that excitement because she slept thru the whole thing! When you read this though I will be babysitting here and Emboz assures me that at that point is her awake time! YAYS!

We met at Moes! Sooooo yummy! Everytime I eat there I remember when I took my bro there for the first time and he realized a. they had 6 different kinds of salsa and b. it was all you can eat. he was in hog heaven! makes me smile everytime!

Mother and Daughter! Rockin the Pink Weds!!

We took this pic for our friend Joy. She always mocks my headbands and bows, so we had to show her that Emboz wears them as well and looks darned cute i must say! Wish I'd worn mine!
Here we all are! My hair is struggling but whatever! Its break, not very many people are seeing me so I don't care!!

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