Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Liz!!!!!

Today Is a very special day! On this day 27 years ago, my wonderful sister in law was born!!! I am so thankful that she is here and married to my brother! They make a wonderful couple!
Growing up it had always been me and my brother and he really didn't date much, so I was a little worried about what it would be like to have a sister in law. My brother became one of my best friends after I grew up and went away to college and I was alittle worried that would change. It has changed. But it has changed 100% for the better. Because now not only is my brother a best friend but my sister in law is as well! In fact sometimes I tell Kev that I love her more than him! Liz completely dove into our family and has loved us as much as she has loved Kev, which is TONS!! She knows us and loves us anyway! She knows each and everyone of our likes and dislikes, and I swear she is the best gift giver that I have ever met! She puts alot of thought into everything she does and it shows an amazing amount of love for us.

And seeing her take care of my brother and now my precious nephew Benjamin is so beautiful. I knew she was perfect when before they were married/engaged, she came over to his house while he was at work and started working on a big project for him. I want to think it was his porch/steps? Those details are fuzzy, but the love she showed for him doing that cemented in my mind she was perfect. There is no doubt in my mind that God hand made her for Kev to be his wife and such a wonderful sister in law and friend to me.

Liz is so awesome I could go on for days! She's beautiful inside and out, she has a passion for The Lord and living for him. She is so encouraging! She is an amazing cook, mostly self taught! She is so crafty, and she is an amazing decorator. She is hard working. Dedicated. She thinks things through and always weighs her words carefully. (Something I admire and strive to be more like!) She is an amazing writer. She draws like you wouldn't believe. She includes my beloved Grandpa that we lost into her love for our family, even though she never met him, she drew pictures of him for us for Christmas and that was so meaningful I tear up thinking about it even now. She coupons and deal shops like crazy. She is a Goodwill QUEEN!

To sum it all up, Liz is an amazing woman, wife, mother, friend and sister in law and I am so thankful for her!! We Celebrate today God bringing this amazing woman into the world and sending her to our family! Happy Birthday Liz!! We all love you!!!


LizzieB said...

Thanks SIL :) I'm sure not even half of this is actually true but I'm honored that you think so! Love ya!

Charity said...

It IS true!!!! I think Kev would agree with me and so would Benjamin:)