Friday, August 19, 2011

Ladies who Lunch-Struggling August Edition!

Friday Emboz and Baby Madi and I all met at Chili's for our August lunch!! I stepped out of the box and had chicken club tacos. and they were GOOD!!!! I don't like rice so I asked if I could not have it as a side and the lovely waitress said i could pick any two sides!! I was SO EXCITED!! So what did I pick? Loaded mashed potatoes and french fries. With tacos. yes. it was yummy. Well the tacos and mashed potatoes were. I didn't actually have any of the french fries I let Madi gnaw on them.
But first Emboz had to blow on them to cool them down. Her secret technique is to break it in half, apparently that lets the heat out quicker? I don't know. It's a Mom trick I think! :)
Despite me looking ROUGH and wearing my nerd glasses we took a few pictures. Here is Madi wondering why I look like a hot nerdy mess. It's called non instructional week Madi, and no sleep!
She's so precious! I will say though whenever i wear this lumberjack shirt I get alot of compliments. I have no clue why and I usually think people are making fun of me but they are serious? It's just odd. I'd take sparkles over lumberjack anyday!
Aww the three gals together!! It almost looks like Pink Weds but alas it was Friday :) Can you see all of Madi's upper teeth?!! It throws me off and makes me a little sad her with her teeth and cruising. She is growing up way too fast and I want her to stay this happy little baby forever. (Especially if she is anywhere near as spunky as her older sister. mercy. I know i can't handle that and goodness knows Emboz can't!!)

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