Monday, September 12, 2011

Snugglemuffin & Auntie's Indiana Adventures! pt1

OK I just can't not blog about this so no one tell my brother, ok?OK!!! Thursday I FINALLY got to see my snugglemuffin!! He and his Mommy came to Auntie's apt for dinner! He really liked sitting in my big stuffed chair~
We had a picnic on the living room floor. Mommy had to improvise and use a spit up rag for his bib. Poor guy is a messy eater!!
He showed off his ALMOST crawling skills. I was suitably impressed!
Our first picture together this weekend!! I just love my baby so much!! I wish they lived here so much this weekend. It's hilarious he is into a pointing phase and points at things he see's. He also will only touch things with his pointer finger. He's very cautious in that regard. Anyway I was holding him and he looked down at my right knee and there was a dark spot on my pink pants, he points at it and looks at me, back down at my knee, back up at me like hey! You got somethin' RIGHT THERE!! It just cracked me up!!
He pretty much does this face to anything. He is teething a bit so he will gnaw on anything and everything, even Auntie's hands. Good thing I didn't have hand lotion on!!

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