Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Snugglemuffin & Auntie's Indiana Adventures! pt2

Friday after the ill-fated Madi/Snugglemuffin first date, we drove around so he could have a nappy nap and then we headed to the Zoo! It was his first time to go to the zoo and to see animals! I was excited that I got to do it with him! He LOVES water, so he really wanted to play in this.
Snugglemuffin got to meet a " Mr Porky-pine" as the little girl next to us called it :)
We saw some Monkeys.
And then we made our way to the barn!!
Neither Snugglemuffin nor Auntie were fans of the llama. I thought for sure it was going to walk out and eat my nephew alive. I literally turned and said to it "I've got my eye on you llama"
We got our picture with a fake cow! Which just made me giggle since we have our own, I couldn't not do it!!
Alittle messed up in the order but is this not the hugest turtle you've ever seen? I didn't know that God made them that big!!
He also got to meet some Prarie Dogs. I thought they looked sooo cuddly! I love doggies!
Now we get to Snugglemuffin's favorite part! The Goats! I thought for sure he would be scared, they were LOUD and all over the place, but he LOVED THEM!!! We even came back a second time to look at them since he liked them so much!
He had no fear of them. I was so proud of him!! He has farm in his blood baby!!
He went inside with Mommy and petted them, with his one index finger of course. I really was proud of him for being so brave. There was a little 2 yr old who was scared and her Mommy was trying to get her to be brave and as I'm standing there videoing B with the goats I hear the mom say look honey, look at the little baby, he's not scared! he is being a big boy!! You want to be brave like him right? Yeah, I was about to burst with Auntie pride right then! That's my brave boy!!

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