Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Snugglemuffin & Auntie's Indiana Adventures! pt3

Saturday we loaded up and headed to The Farm for Snugglemuffin's long awaited trip to Nana and Grampys!!
He talked to me the entire way, except when he was busy...
Chewing on his foot. Hey, It's yummy!!
Nana and Grampy were soooo excited to see their Grandson!! Nana had to show him his toy box, loaded with toys!!
All that playing wears a boy out so he 'nuggled with Grampy for awhile. He LOVED Grampy. Seriously it was soooo cute!! When Grampy was in the room Snugglemuffin would check to see where he was at quite often and then make faces and smile at him. It was beautiful!
I got this for him several months ago it says "My Aunt Digs me" and has a shovel and bucket and dirt! I thought it was adorable! And so very true!!
And I just love this because he's soooo happy and excited, albeit a tad drooly.
Playing with Nana! Why won't Auntie quit taking my picture and just let me play???!!
We got alittle worn out again so we went outside to swing for awhile. I ALMOST got him to sleep but I think the sun was just too bright. He was 'nuggled up with me though and it was sooo precious!
We came back inside and he had some 'nuggle time with Grampy again. I'm tellin ya, this boy LOVES his Grampy!!
Nana and Auntie made homemade pizza's on the grill, very healthy and very yummy!
Sadly this cutie got prunes and squash. Hey we can't have it all!

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