Thursday, September 15, 2011

Snugglemuffin & Auntie's Indiana Adventures! pt4

Sunday after church we headed to my Grandma's restaurant and had lunch! Clearly Snugglemuffin gets his cleanliness from his Auntie....
Look at his curls! They were tame on Sunday but the days before they were so big and pretty! I love that he has curly hair like his Mommy, Daddy, Nana, and Auntie!!
Look at this sweet, sweet smile! How can you not melt at that?! I got in trouble in church because that is when he is supposed to take his nap. (The one and only time his parents will advocate him sleeping in church! HA!) And I kept looking down to see if he was asleep and he wasn't so I'd smile at him and he'd get the biggest grin and smile back at me. It was just too much cuteness!! My brother made me stop smiling and looking at him though. I am such a bad Auntie!
But seriously look at this face!!!!!
First picture of our entire family!!! Should have lined up against the wall and had the waitress take a better one but oh well!!
Nana got some time in with Snugglemuffin before it was time to leave.
Me and my buddy!!! You'll notice we were dressed patriotically, hello it was Sept 11! The rest of our family did not get the Memo. Also, this child is a SQUIRMY WORM!! Especially when it's getting close to his naptime. It's like trying to wrangle an animal!
Some people I love! And my big brother! HA HA JUST KIDDING!!! First pic of all four of us!! Love these people!!! So glad they were able to visit and I was able to get in quality time with my nephew. I miss him so much and that was only intensified with this time spent together. Hopefully he will start remembering me soon and know that I am his Auntie and I love him more than I ever thought I could!

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