Monday, November 28, 2011

A very Iowan Thanksgiving!

Weds, my parents and I made the trek to Iowa to spend Thanksgiving with my Bro, SIL and precious nephew! It felt like a very long drive!
Once we got there, we made a pit-stop at Whitey's home to the BEST ice cream you could ever dream of!
I had a very cherry smoothie it was soooooo good!!
We got to their house and Grampy played in Benjamin's box. Mr B wasn't quite sure what to think of that..
Mr B LOVES his eeyore!!! He loves on it and lays his head down, it's sooo sweet! this picture with grampy in the box in the background cracks me up!!
Stinker face!!
A road worn Auntie and Snugglemuffin!!
This could be why he likes Grampy better than Auntie! I was growling at him. He liked it. I promise.
The one decent picture of me and my boy! I just LOVE him!!
hahaha drunk face. one day he will kill me for these pictures. But i'm safe for now!

I think this is such a precious picture! Mommy was putting on Yogi Bear, and Benjamin was helping her out!

Friday I was SOOOOOO excited! Apes came and spent the afternoon with me! We went to The Machine Shed restaurant, which was super cute!! And had some really good blt's!
You know we had to take a car picture! we totally didn't plan on matching in grey!
Ok so we had a little photo shoot at the Shed as well! Apes poses so well!
I was not nearly as cute as her!
Isn't she adorable?! We hung out at the house after with my parents and Mr B. He was pretty shy so he kept cuddling into my chest and under my chin. it was sooo precious. I love it when he's cuddly and shy!
Grampy fed him dinner Friday night. And they had a green bean fight. My nephew is way too smart for his own good! the green bean would get right next to his mouth and he'd chomp it shut and turn his head. and then he'd laugh! what a stinker!! :)
He was pretty proud of himself!
he also got to have cake for the first time! he was a fan. This is his normal pose while sitting. He always has his feet propped up on the end of his chair. Makes it very tickalicious!!
After we opened his birthday presents Grampy read him his Corey Combine book!! Side note, look at his GORGEOUS curls!!! I love his curly hair!!
And the morning before we left. Playing with Corey Combine and VROOM VROOM'ing. That child vroom vroom's all the time. He also moo's. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever! I miss my snugglemuffin allready!

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