Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Recap!

Benjamin was excited to see his toy box at Nana's!

Looking out the window at Grampy who was playing Peek A Boo

Playing with his Vroom Vroom

Some of my FAVORITE people!!

B thinks all presents are to him

Luckily that one was :)

Daddy helped B open some gifts..

And B handed Grampy all of the wrapping paper.

Nana was excited to get an E Reader that was pretty doggone fancy!

Liz got some Purdue gear!

Grampy once again delighted B with his Farm Animal noise. You haven't lived until you've heard his Horse Neigh.

Love this pic of my sweet Momma!

The Three H's!

The scene at the Farm has changed a little bit..

But some things remain the same. This is why presents take so long....

Love this pic of my Dad laughing and Kev so happy at his HUGE flashlight!

That thing was massive!!

The next day B played more with his Vroom vroom

He also played Peek A Boo under the table...

Meanwhile Auntie continued on her quest to teach him how to take self portraits with her..

And I continued my obsession with his adorable curls! and cheeks. oh i die. i just die!

Benjamin played the Piano for the first time and he LOVED IT!!!

We finally got a decent picture of us!

A smile from my buddy. Oh how I love him!

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