Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mid Week Confessions

I strongly dislike wearing socks. Even when I need to in the winter. I can count on one hand the number of days I have worn socks  or even worse, trouser socks, to work this winter. I have a rule that if at some point in the day it will be over 28 degrees then it is OK to not wear socks. Minor detail if my feet get really cold. That's what under the desk heaters were made for. Right?

To go along with my hatred of socks, I also don't like my feet being caught up in the covers of my bed. I feel.. constricted.  Like I'm being bound and attacked. So I fold my covers down to the end of my bed, and then sleep with an afghan on top of me. If it's really REALLY cold I will stick my feet just under the covers, but not very much.

I've needed to take my trash out since last week and yet here it still sits in my kitchen.

I went to the Dentist this week for a teeth cleaning and had no cavities. I rewarded myself with a Coke...


Kristen said...

My husband does the SAME THING with the covers! I will always laugh at him...but to me, the more layers the better!So I get all the sheets pushed to me, and he uses an afghan!

emily said...

I can't stand to have my feet covered either!! Too constricting!

Have a great week!

Harriet said...

I also have feet/socks/shoe issues! I drive home barefoot because after a day of wearing shoes, I just can't take it anymore.

Katie said...

Oh I am right there with you...I feel like a kindred spirit.

I grew up in Hawaii and had never worn real shoes until I was 7 and in the dead of winter in Washington. I still prefer to wear flip-flops every day of my life and my husband thinks I'm nuts.

We got about 8 inches of in the last two days...and while trash day was on Tuesday, they did not come. Which trash can is still sitting out front, and I have no desire to bring it back in! :)