Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ladies who Lunch- Delayed Jan

 I can't look at this picture and not laugh. She looks so evil and devious here. One can only wonder what she was plotting! Well, she was plotting how to get her Momma's knife but she was shut down on that one several times.
 I love her sweet little smile! She has this CHEESE face, squishy face, that is seriously the cutest thing evah, but my stupid camera was too slow so I didn't capture it. Boo.
 Emboz got to open her (late) Birthday presents. Two of which involved crackle nail polish which I will state for the record that I am still against! :)
 Me and my sweet girl. We were both having rough days so this is the best and only that we got. Love that little stinker!
 To entertain her/keep her busy while we had the not greatest waitress ever, we played peek a boo with the tissue paper. She loved it! She was just giggling away! I love her giggles they are so funny!
Flirting with the big boys at the table behind us. This little girl is a fan of boys. No one had better tell Snugglemuffin she's stepping out on him!

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