Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekly Phone Dump

 So I decided to hop on the weekly phone dump post, since I take alot of random pics during the week but never really have a post for all of them. 

Since we're hosting the Superbowl TODAY!! Lot's of Superbowl'ish things are going on around town. My work hosted one of the Indy Cars that were made for the NFL. So I took a pic for my NASCAR obsessed bff.
 I would really like to know how they got the car inside though. I'm going to have to investigate that on Monday!!
 Here are the verses I am working on for February. The bottom one is becoming somewhat of a life verse for me with my health issues.
SPEAKING of health issues... I was sick, still am, and had no voice until Thursday. Wednesday I had to make this sign to hang at my desk because everyone was confused as to why i was whispering to them. It definitely made for a difficult day at work when 75% of your job is talking to people in person or on the phone. Not being able to speak was hard.

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Katie said...

Totally understand the no talking issue! I didn't have much of a voice this communicating with my 28 5th graders involved lots of sticky notes!