Thursday, March 1, 2012

30'th Birthday- Pink Weds Fun!

 Wednesday our Part Time Employee came by to put in a little work and wish her Auntie Cherry a Happy Birthday!! She was a little bit more interested in getting the camera than working though! And playing with the foam swords.
hahahah this picture cracks me up! Drunk face! years from now she will hate me for this! muahahahha
 Love this picture even though I was looking at the people in the doorway. She looks so innocent here! It's sooo cute she has learned how to say HI! I am not used to her talking. it's crazy but so sweet! I can't wait to watch her grow up and learn!

I met Muy Caliente for lunch at Arni's and it was sooo yummy! Per the usual when you go to Arni's, you'll notice that we ate all of the side and corner pieces of the pizza. They are the best!! I had such a fun time catching up with her! I miss seeing her everyday at work!

You know we had to get a self portrait together before she left! I love my Muy Caliente!! Thanks for my presents and a GREAT Lunch!!!

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