Friday, June 15, 2012

Flashback Friday-Father's Day Edition!

Father's Day is this weekend and I thought I would have a father's day edition of Flashback Friday Childhood pictures! I am so thankful to have a WONDERFUL father! Despite not having a great example himself he sought to follow God and be a loving father and husband and a great provider for his family. I know he has not had an easy life, but he has never complained and has always put his family first with God. 

He is my Knight in Shining armor, my muscles to move stuff, the one that always fixes my truck when it's broken, he comes to my rescue when I call him crying, the one that fixes ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. My Dad is SO Smart. I think if he had went to college he would have been an engineer or something like that because that's just the way his brain works. He is great at looking at something and just knowing how it goes together. He built a huge part of our house and just did it himself! He is SO SMART! I envy that because my brain does not work that way at all, but he is just so smart like that. 

He can do anything, and does it without being asked or complaining. I think he has a real servants heart, one that I need to be more like. He will do anything for anyone and help them out as best he can. He has done SO MUCH for me over the past 30 years, and he does it because he loves me! I haven't always been the greatest daughter, or the most thankful, but seeing what others go through with their families has really impressed on me in the past year how amazing my parents are and how incredibly lucky I am to have them as MY parents!
Watching something with my Daddy. I'm amused we look so much alike!
 I love this because he makes the same excited happy face in this picture above, to my nephew! He is an awesome father and an even awesomer Grandpa! I love watching him with Snugglemuffin!
 Hangin with my peeps
 Lovin on my Daddy.

Dad, Happy Birthday and Happy Father's day! Thank you for being an amazing example of what a Godly Husband, Father and Man should be! I pray that someday I will find someone like you! Until then you're stuck with me! heh heh


LizzieB said...

Having these two posts right next to each other, I think that Benjamin's stink eye looks strangely like Gpa's stink eye-the "I hate camera's look"...

Charity said...

hahaha you're right! especially the first pic of Dad!!