Saturday, July 7, 2012

Townhouse Tour- The Kitchen!

 Today on the Townhouse Tour we stop in the kitchen! It's small but I like it and face it I don't cook much!!!
 They put in brand new countertop and flooring, throughout the entire townhouse before I moved in. I have to confess I LOVE the countertop!! LOVE IT!! I think it's so pretty!!
 Other side of the kitchen. This side doesn't have tons of counter space but it has enough that I can cook comfortably.
 Another view
 Sink. I really like my sink, Bryna will be so happy when she does my hair, my hot water gets HOT in about 0.89789 miliseconds. It's crazy!!! I was impressed that I hung my coke stuff somewhat straight.
 The stove is across from the sink, and like I said, just enough space to cook comfortably. I may move my canisters to the other side at some point. I'm still trying to figure out how I like things arranged.
 Long ways shot. The window blinds cover my back patio doors. Goes out to a patio and a storage space where I have all of my christmas and different seasons stored.
 It's really nice to have cabinet space enough to fit everything.  I did not have even this much space at my old place so it's really nice that all of my kitchen stuff actually fits IN the kitchen!
 We had to bring a microwave as the house didn't have one. Mom gave me her old filing cabinet to use as a microwave cart until I could find one I liked. Having it off the counter gives me more space.
A full view of the kitchen! I have my eye on a stainless steel trashcan at Menards that I hope to get soon to replace the ugly white one.

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